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Product Questions

I'm not sure what size to order?

To ensure a proper fit, measure your vent pipe's outside diameter (O.D.) and use the following table. Vent Pipe Manufacturers size their pipe by the inside diameter (I.D.). Because OdorHogs fit over the outside of your vent pipe, we care what the outside diameter is. The O.D. you measure will be slightly larger than the actual filter size you order. This tells us whether you have a “standard thickness” of pipe and that your OdorHog will fit properly.

Vent pipe ID

Vent pipe OD

Order OdorHog Size

















 If you have metal or cast iron pipes, be sure to order the clamp-on style. It has greater flexibility in fitting your non-standard size pipes.


What's the difference between the standard and commercial grade carbon?

The difference between the standard and commercial carbon is the base material the carbon is made from. Standard carbon is made from a coal base and our commercial grade carbon is made from a coconut shell based carbon that has a higher sewer gas absorption capacity and is made for longer life. It is very porous and lightweight so it absorbs longer than wood based materials. It is perfect for heavy hydrogen sulfide applications or for difficult roof access situations. 

The commercial carbon is commonly used for restaurants, schools, strip malls, etc. It's also becoming more popular with residential customers who have steep pitched rooflines or don't want to change out their carbon as frequently. 

Both versions are pelletized for better air flow and less mess in handling and changing out replacement bags.

Email with any questions you have about your specific application.

 Where does my order ship from? How long will it take to get my order?

Orders ship from Tucson, Arizona. OdorHog Inc. uses UPS and USPS shipping services. A UPS Service Level Map below shows how many days the order will take via UPS Ground. UPS 2nd Day and UPS 3 Day Select are based on BUSINESS days only. We do not offer Next Day Air Service. We do not ship outside the USA. Please see the link at UPS for service level specifics. 

UPS Service Level definitions


Doesn't the filter restrict the airflow?

The filters do restrict the air flow somewhat. The restriction is so slight that it shouldn't interfere with normal venting of the plumbing system.

Is there any functional difference between the METAL cap and the MUSHROOM cap?

There is NO functional difference between the two caps. It's just a matter of personal preference.

Some customers like the METAL cap because it looks like their furnace vent cap. Other people prefer the MUSHROOM cap because it is made of durable PVC plastic.

Although they function the same way, they are attached in a slightly different manner: the mushroom cap screws onto the filter, the metal cap is attached by friction.

My plumber installed a vent pipe extension. Do I remove the extension or place the OdorHog over the vent extension?

Remove the extension. We have found that when an OdorHog is placed over an extension, the whole extension and OdorHog assembly act as a "sail" in the wind. The assembly will begin to oscillate in the wind. This could potientially damage your rooftop vent flashing and create a leak in your roof.

Can I install an OdorHog over the lead flashing on my vent pipes?

No, OdorHogs can only be installed directly onto the vent pipe. They should not be installed onto any lead flashing or protective boot that covers the vent pipe. We recommend trimming away the top 2 inches of the flashing so you can have a direct install onto the vent pipe. You can re-attach the flashing with silicone caulking at some point below the OdorHog, directly to the vent pipe. Please call or email OdorHog with any questions about this process and we’re happy to walk you through your specific situation.

Do I need to order replacement carbon with my initial order of an OdorHog?

Not typically. In cases where the carbons may become saturated quickly you might, e.g. commercial or restaurant applications. The OdorHog comes ready to install on your vent pipe with a carbon bag preinstalled into the housing unit.

Can I install an OdorHog over the lead flashing on my vent pipes?

No, OdorHogs can only be installed directly onto the vent pipe. They should not be installed onto any lead flashing or protective boot that covers the vent pipe. We recommend trimming away the top 2 inches of the flashing so you can have a direct install onto the vent pipe. You can re-attach the flashing with silicone caulking at some point below the OdorHog, directly to the vent pipe. Please call or email OdoHog with any questions about this process and we’re happy to walk you through your specific situation.

Can the homeowner change or replenish the carbon in the filter?

Yes the homeowner can. You may purchase bags of replacement carbon for all units we currently sell. 

How do I replace the carbon in the OdorHogs?

OdorHog carbon bags can be replaced while the filter remains on the vent stack. Please see Installation and Troubleshooting Instructions at the bottom of every page on the website. Just scroll down and click on the link, for detailed steps on how to change out the carbon for your style of OdorHog filter.

What is the expected life of the carbon?

The activated carbon can only absorb so much hydrogen sulfide (the gas that causes the smell). The filter life averages between 2 and 4 years, depending on your septic or sewer system and level of use. For example, if you put them on a restaurant they may last 1 year, because of the grease and steam present in the vent system. If you put them on a residence they may last 3 or more years. If you use a lot of bleach in your laundry, have a large family or if you have a water softener they may not last as long. Things that prematurely age your carbon life are grease, steam, clorox or other heavy duty cleaning products.

For what situations is the OdorHog filter intended?

  • For situations where the septic gas odor (hydrogen sulfide or "sewer gas") is coming out of the plumbing vent pipes on the roof.
  • Filters can also install onto vents that are directly connected to the septic tank.
  • Municipal / City-sewer connections can bring sewer gas into the home's plumbing vents. The OdorHog filter has proven beneficial in those cases too.
  • Many roof lines can trap or funnel vent pipe gases into the heat pump or air handler, pulling the odors inside the building when the air handler is on.
  • Can be used on septic holding tanks.

In what situations will the OdorHog filter not work?

The OdorHog will NOT solve your odor problem and is NOT recommended if:

  • The odor is originating from inside the house (if you smell an odor indoors)
  • The odor is originating from any leaks in the septic tank or plumbing vent system
  • RV or a Food Truck
  • Historic Home or older home with a noticeably slow plumbing system
  • Alternative Septic System where there is a blower or fan moving air (contact us about your application)
  • Home with a bathroom remodel or smell coming from bathroom, kitchen or laundry room
  • Ejector Pit or other similar application where there are sudden air movements

Can I use the OdorHog if my house is venting Radon through the plumbing vents?

No. Vent pipe filters should NEVER be put on the plumbing vents if a house is venting Radon through them.

Do I have to get a filter for every plumbing vent on the house?

Yes. Our experience has been that if you filter only one of the vents, the gas will find the path of least resistance and exit the un-filtered plumbing vent instead of going through the filtered vent. Your vent system is inner-connected, like a snake running throughout the inside of your home. If you filter one vent, it will act like a cork in a bottle and cause enough resistance that the gas will look for another location to exit. 

What colors do the OdorHogs come in?

We sell them in PVC white and ABS black plastic.  You may also paint your OdorHog to match your roof.  However, we recommend that you don't paint the metal rain-cap, so as to keep paint from getting inside.  We suggest you try it out before painting it, as we cannot make a refund for painted or modified units.

Do the OdorHog filters freeze up in extreme cold?

OdorHog's have a freeze protectant built in. There is a salt based material that is added directly to the carbon bag that coats the carbon and prevents it from freezing. Our experience has been that OdorHog's do not freeze when they are properly maintained. In situations where they are left on the roof for years without a carbon change out, after the carbon has become fully saturated with sewer gases, the carbon pellets can breakdown and cause restriction.

Vent pipes and OdorHog's can occasionally freeze in sustained below freezing temperatures. If you live in this type of climate it is recommended that you remove the units for the coldest months to prevent any issues. Or you may want to consider our inline model. This style filter is installed below the roofline keeping the filter out of the elements and working optimally all year round. 

For cold climates, we recommend the black ABS models which will absorb more heat than the white PVC models. We recommend replacing the carbon bag inside the filter after you notice the smell reappearing; this means your carbon has reached its capacity and needs to be replaced.

Who uses your filters?

Anyone with a stinky vent pipe. Our customers are businesses, schools, hospitals, restaurants and home owners.  Commercial customers who have their plumbing vents located too close to their air handlers, which can pull the odor back into the building through the air conditioner.

General Septic Odor Questions

Will the OdorHog filter help indoor septic odor at all?

Only if the outdoor odor from the roof vent pipe is being pulled in through windows or roof top air-conditioners. If you have indoor odor, call your plumber. Check to see that all drains have traps installed. Check to see that all the traps have water in them to hold back the gas. When the water in a trap dries out, it lets the gas through. The plumber may have to do what's called a "smoke test" to see where the septic gas is coming in. If the odor is coming from around the toilet, it could be a dried out wax ring under the toilet. 

I have installed the OdorHog , now I am getting the odors inside my house, why?

As mentioned above, OdorHog will restrict air flow somewhat. If you do not have a completely sealed venting system this restriction will expose those leaking points. We have found that there may be a variety of reasons why this is happening.

The wax rings under your toilets may have become crusty due to age and are allowing the gases to leak through.While installing a picture on a wall, a screw or nail that is too long may have penetrated a vent pipe and thus damaged the venting system. P-Traps under sinks or in the floor have gone dry and need to be filled with water to seal the venting system. If you have an odor after installing the OdorHog in the basement from a floor drain, your floor drain may not have a p-trap installed. If this is the case please go to This product should seal the odors out from floor drains.

Why do some homes have this problem and others don't?

We believe it's due to air currents.  Sometimes a "temperature inversion" puts a layer of air over your house and prevents the sewer gases from being carried up and away.  Another scenario is if you live on the down-wind side of a hill, then the downdrafts might bring the sewer gases down to ground level. There are also some roof types that are more likely to have this issue; parapets can trap the air flow, hips or valleys on the roofline can bring the air down to the perimeter more easily, etc.

What about additives?

The inventor of the OdorHog tried additives and they didn't work for him so that's why he invented the OdorHog.  We are not septic tank experts.  Please refer to a competent septic tank installer, septic tank pumper, or plumber for questions regarding septic tank maintenance.

Shopping Questions

Where do you ship your products?

We only ship within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. We do not ship to Canada. We have no distributors or affiliates in Canada. After 9/11, Canadian Customs has become more difficult to operate through. They believe OdorHog products look suspicious with the carbon pellets inside and routinely disassemble them, rendering them inoperable for the end consumer. Our products are for the US only.

Do you give discounts to contractors and builders?

We work with Resellers and Plumbing Supply Groups. Please email us or call to discuss your volume purchase. We may ask you to fax us a copy of your retail merchant certificate or contractor's license.

What is your DUNS number? 


How can I pay for my order?

For your convenience, we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

What is your return policy?

The OdorHog vent pipe filters are guaranteed to eliminate odors that originate from your vent pipes. If they do not solve your problem, please return them within 90 days for a refund. We do not refund shipping costs.  There are some cases where a restocking fee is applied.

Can I place an order through the web site for SATURDAY delivery?

NO. All of our online shipping options are based on BUSINESS days. "Next Day Air" means next business day and "Second Day Air" means the second business day. UPS does not count Saturday and Sunday as business days. If you place an order on Friday using "Next Day Air," your package will arrive on Monday. Ordering on Friday with "Second Day Air" means that your package will be received on Tuesday.