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We have heard from hundreds of people who have been helped by installing OdorHogs. Below are just a few of the stories. Please check back often as we are constantly updating this page.


Odor Hog Stops Septic Gas Smell From Around My Home

My wife, Jessica, and I recently completed building a new home. It’s not the first we’ve built, but the first for us personally. Septic systems reign supreme in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Truth be told, they are excellent at disposing wastewater. While most professionals recommend annual to semi-annual maintenance and pump out, many homeowners choose not touch them until there is a problem. I know of endless scenarios where owners haven’t touched their system in a decade plus.

When we finished construction, we had a unique scenario I’ve never come across in over ten years of being a real estate agent. Brand new system, brand new home, septic system stench in the driveway. It was awful. There were days you could walk outside and it smelled as though the septic tank lid was open in front of you.

I researched to learn this is a fairly common issue. New septic systems vent, or breathe, from the vent stack in your home that normally vents through your roof. Essentially, it is a straight line to the septic tank itself. During low pressure systems in the atmosphere, it can push septic gasses down to where you live and play. Also, our home is built against the bank of a mountain. That, too, can cause downward air flow and cause those gasses to linger against your home.

We found a solution. After much research, we realized this is not uncommon at all. I’d never come across it in selling hundreds of homes. We found a company, Odor Hog, that produces a product that slips over your pipe vent on your roof and filters it using a replaceable carbon bag. It can provide 10 years of service, which was impressive. The reviews were spectacular, yet I skeptically ordered one. 

It works. Through a compression fitting requiring no tools, it slips on and immediately starts working. We’ve not smelled it again, not once, since we installed it. I highly recommend if you find yourself with this apparently common, but still unique, problem, you should buy one. Visit their website below and watch a miracle happen!

Want to learn more about how a septic system operates and how much it costs? Read our article! Searching for a home in the mountains of North Carolina? Let us help! Contact us or Search for Homes and Land in Mountains of NC here.


Just wanted to share my story in hopes of helping others!!! Soooo my wife and I had bought a home and started noticing a sewer smell shortly after moving in. I have been in the building trade for quite some time and figured I can just extend the vent pipe on the roof and the gasses will dissipate. I extended the three inch PVC vent which is through the roof another three feet then waited. I could still smell the sewer and I was not convinced that’s what it was. I thought to myself could it be the old mulch or a tree .  I really didn’t think it could be the vent for the sewer. I then did what everyone else does, google and you tube!!!LOL I saw a you tube video for the Odor Hog and a gentleman installing one on his vent pipe. This gentleman was very happy with the product and it saved his outside activities with no more smell. I decided to call Odor Hog, leave a message with the answering service and wait for a return call. I wondered when I would hear back from the company and thinking it would be weeks. In less than an hour I was talking with Dan from Odor Hog who helped me place my order. I did order the commercial application for my house and I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived at my residence ahead of schedule. I slipped the Odor Hog Cap onto the sewer vent pipe and actually noticed a difference almost immediately. I would not wait if you have this issue at your location and I do recommend this product and this company. I have had the Odor Hog Cap on for a month now and its working great!!

DJ - New York


Hello.. I wanted to let you know how thankful our family is that your product worked as advertised. 

Moving into a pre-existing home, I was immediately convinced that the unbearable sewage smells were going to be a new way of life.  After calling plumbers who simply shook their heads, I started researching the internet.  My smell issues seemed to happen at certain times of the day and affected by cooler weather, and by wind direction.  Saying that I hit my peek frustration level is an understatement as I was ready to give up my dream home in the desert where I dreamt of tranquility and clean air.  

Thank goodness someone in a blog had mentioned Odor Hog.  I'd like to say that upon installation, sewage odors were immediately eliminated.  Furthermore, I have given the product a six week test period in order to experience every temperature and wind direction possible;  STILL NO STENCH.  We are back to enjoying life and our new home and I wanted to simply say thanks for a great economical solution.

-LS from Utah


I just installed our order of two Odor Hogs onto our bathroom vents, and am amazed and the difference!  Our outside area was becoming really gross from the odor.  Now?  Absolutely no smell at all.  Great device!  Thanks!

-Sam from Conifer, CO


I just wanted to send you an email to tell you how awesome your product is.  We have lived at our house for ten years.  It has been ten years of terrible smells.  Last year we started using our deck area more because we got a pool.  We would have friends & family over and have to apologize for the smells.  I saw your product online a few weeks ago.  Initially I thought no way this would work.  I purchased two odor hogs out desperation.  They came, I installed them and there has not been any smells.  I just wanted to say thank you for your product and great customer service. 

Thank you,
The Dennison Family.


Hello and Thank You from the mountains of Tennessee!

I have to admit I was quite skeptical, our home is in the forest on the side of a Tennessee mountain, downdraft is what we have year round but especially in the winter. Always after washing dishes, clothes, or a shower there was the traditional lighting of the incense stick to eliminate the odor which was very bad outdoors.  We consulted various plumbers and septic tank experts over the past few years, none had a rational fix.Then we came across your website, it was a simple fix, no more smell, I mean none at all. The unit I purchased is a metal top and commercial grade charcoal filter. We now for the first time may open the windows, let in the wonderful mountain air without the mad scramble to close them all if someone flushes a toilet! Thank You Odorhog !!!  An awesome product !!
-Gregory M in Tennessee

Back in October of 2016 I started researching septic odors. I have had bad septic odors that come and go seems worse in the very cold weather. I figured something may be freezing. My septic system is only three years old inspected by county working good. I found these odor hogs. I purchased two one for each vent. Well it's now late February and first warm day in upstate NY I had to get on roof and install them. I installed them both in ten mins. Then went on to clean gutters while up here after cleaning gutters I went back to odor hogs and put my nose against the vent and took some deep breathers I can say I did not smell any odors at this point and yes they smelt bad when cutting vent pipe off.

-John from upstate NY


I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our OdorHog products!!!  We have had horrible odor outside our home in the evenings when the daytime was warm but the evenings were cool, mainly during the fall months.  Living in Oklahoma with the high humidity didn’t help either.  We moved into our brand new home two years ago and immediately had this issue.  After crawling underneath the house and trying everything under the sun we finally discovered the odor was coming from our roof vents directly above the bathrooms.  I searched the internet to try and find a solution for our problem and FINALLY came across your product.  I immediately ordered two, one for each vent, since we were hosting Thanksgiving at our house that next weekend.  I was so stressed that the smell would ruin our dinner and be humiliated!  The shipping was super fast and customer service was excellent.  When we received the filters we installed them that evening.  It was the easiest thing to install, just climb up on the roof and slip them on!  That particular evening the smell was horrible!!  Within about 15 minutes after installation you couldn’t smell ANYTHING!!!  Our Thanksgiving dinner was a blast and the stress over the smell wasn’t even an issue!  It has been almost a month since we installed our OdorHogs and I haven’t even had a whiff of nasty sewer smell!  I’m so THANKFUL for your product!  It was the best money I’ve spent in a long time!  Thank you OdorHog!!! 

-Alaina in Clayton, OK 


We have a house where an odor would come off the roof onto the deck.  We had the septic tank inspected, had a plumber come over and check the plumbing.  The plumber after inspecting the house, looked at the vent stack and noticed it was very close to the roof line next to the gutter.  He suggested Odor Hog. I went to your web site and ordered what i needed.  Came with good instructions, very easy to install, and that was the end of the odor.

Fantastic product, good price, in stock, easy to install and works.  What else do you need to know.


-Mark in Kansas City


We have had septic odor in our backyard for a year. Have always had our tank pumped out regularly. We have a lot of trees around the house. When we had the tank pumped this year we mentioned to the septic driver about the problem. He suggested the charcoal filter that OdorHog makes. We ordered in October. Put the two filters on our vent pipes. Awesome results. No smell. Now we are not smelling any odors. We will recommend this product to others who might have same issue. Great product. Wish we would of known about sooner.

-Bob H. in WI


I wanted to wait a while before submitting a review to see if your product actually solved our sewer gas odor problem. After several years of gross and embarrassing odors and after consulting with numerous "experts" who were unable to come up with solutions or suggested costly possible fixes, I found your product and decided to give it a try. It's been over a year since we installed Odorhogs on all our vent pipes. Since then we have not smelled even a whiff of sewer gas. I only wish I had found your product sooner. A little pricey, but the extremely easy install and having this problem fixed is well worth it. Big headache. Simply solution. Problem solved!

Santa Rosa, CA


 Thank you! You guys are amazingly helpful and responsive!! 

-Tim from Mayes Plumbing & Heating 


My mother and stepfather recently purchased two of the odor hog filters. They were easy to install and have been in place now for about 6 weeks. They have made a major difference and we have not noticed odor coming from the vents whatsoever. Before they were in place we were embarrassed to have anybody over if we were doing laundry or anything that cause the odors. We tested it right after we install them and were instantly impressed. We just wanted to say thank you, they are wonderful.

-Becca D.


W-O-W. I read all the reviews on your website, but I was still skeptical. I have dealt with a downdraft issue that seems to blow the smells from my main stack DIRECTLY into my patio windows for several years now. From the minute I installed the odorhog filters, the smell is GONE.

It is a beautiful morning and I can smell it from my porch!

-Ian G.


Hi guys, just wanted to let you know how impressed i am with the odorhog i ordered for my rooftop stack. Previously it was embarassing poking my head out of the door and hoping my neighbors would be secretly blaming each other but odorhog did the job.

-JB in Australia


I ordered and installed the OdorHog Plus in May of 2013 to reduce septic odors outside. OdorHog sent me a special boot to fit my oversized vent pipe. The unit works great and the septic smell went away. I just ordered a charcoal replacement as I am starting to smell a very small amount of odor outside. With five people using the bathrooms, the OdorHog gets a good workout. This is a great product at a great price and replacing the charcoal periodically is well worth the investment.

Thank you OdorHog!!

-Steve K. in IL


We have a beautiful new event venue in the quiet Salt Creek Valley of Leavenworth KS. After our first few events (Weddings) we noticed a strong septic smell from our Event Barn and Brides House. We found your product on line, ordered, installed and 100% eliminated the odor! While our venue is designed to look rustic, esthetics are always a concern. Your product is inconspicuous on our barn, exactly what we were looking for. It's so refreshing to find a product that more than lives up to the promises it makes. Thanks for keeping our venue beautiful both in vision and clean fresh country air!

-Joe & Jay Schwinn, Schwinn Produce Farm, Leavenworth, KS


Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are in the process of renovating a cabin in the woods and the poor contractors were putting up with the vent pipe odor. After doing an internet search on trying to solve this problem I came across your OdorHog Vent. Can't believe everyone doesn't have one. Your communication and shipping were outstanding. The [mushroom style] odorhog arrived quickly... . Still being skeptical since no one had ever heard of such a thing we put it on and YEAH!!!!! it solved the problem immediately. Again thank you for solving our stinky problem.

-Ginger in PA


Last year we were forced to install a new septic system since our old one had completely disintegrated in the ground (200 year old house, don't know how old the septic was...). It was installed right outside our bathroom window because of the age of our house and the placement of some granite boulders... After a couple of months we started smelling a weird "dead body" smell wafting around the outside of our house. I checked all along our road frontage to see if someone had hit a deer and it had died in the bushes, but nothing. Apparently, it was coming from the short pipe which was venting part of our septic (our leach field is quite a ways away from the house and is serviced by a pump system). It became so nasty that I ordered the OdorHog cap for the top of the pipe. I got the black one because we live in NH and it snapped right over the PVC pipe coming out of the ground. The smell stopped immediately and 2 months on we don't smell any more "dead bodies." Thanks!

-Debra in NH


We have owned our log home in rural Vermont for 21 years. For all those years we simply put up with the offensive septic tank odor caused by the builder placing the tank cover and vent much too close to the house. The solution of re-engineering the system was always an option but never affordable. Then we discovered OdorHog while searching the Internet. Encouraged by the positive feedback of the testimonials, we ordered the 4" commercial vent-pipe filter. All we can say is WOW! The offensive septic odor disappeared instantly upon installing the OdorHog (which we accomplished in less than a minute with just a screw-driver!). We can only say we wish we had one in place sooner. We cannot emphasize enough what a pleasurable difference it makes to enjoy the fresh Vermont air out on our deck for the first time in 21 years!
Thanks for such a GREAT product that WORKS!

-Walter & Marianne F. in VT


We are very pleased with the results from our Odor Hog filter. We've been in our home for 20 years, trying various solutions to our septic vent odor problem over that time (lengthening vent pipes, adding in-line fans, multiple septic tank / line flushes and additives) without success. In addition, our septic system developed a cruel sense of humor - really "letting loose" whenever company was coming or a barbecue was planned! Your product has solved our septic odor problem, while improving our social life and our reputation in our neighborhood. :-) Thanks.

-Chris & Connie


We were skeptical about trying the OdorHog vent caps on our new home, and had previously tried extending our vent pipes, which did not help the problem. So I contacted the very helpful staff at OdorHog and was sent out two vent caps, with an adapter at no extra cost. We have had them installed for around 6 weeks now, and have not had any issues. The odors from the septic are now gone, and we have not had any issues with odors coming in to the house, which was something I was concerned with. Thanks for a product that works!

-Andy L.


Absolutely Awesome Product. I noticed an instant change in the air quality upon installation. I should have ordered two more for the vents on the other side of the house but, my budget was a little tight at the time. I will definitely be a return customer. Thank you so much.

-Richard A.


For the past 2 years I've been in an epic battle with septic odor and annoying black drain flies that have been culminating from my septic system. After exhausting all routes of sealing up my septic tank access points around the ground as well as sealing off the edges of a concrete slab that covers the tank cap I still had numerous flies and odor collecting around the back of my home. The only thing left was the vent pipe on the roof so I pulled the trigger and spent the (very minimal) amount on your 4" OdorHog with the custom rubberized coupling to fit the cap. Long story not so short, 3 days later: flies gone, odor gone. Thank you for an amazing product and allowing me to once again enjoy my back yard without these nuisances!

-Kevin N.


We were putting up with the smell all summer. Found (OdorHog) on line and ordered one. As soon as we installed it the smell was gone. Wish we had found it sooner. Thanks.

-Greta in Brigus, Newfoundland


I installed one 1.5 ABS and one 3 ABS on my roof a week ago. To my surprise, the product did work, and has reduced the sewer gas smell around my house by probably 95%. I was skeptical but decided to try the product, as options are limited when venting the main sewer line. Not only do they work, but the ease of installment was a relief, and the customer service was suburb. I give OdorHog an A+ so far, and only hope the product continues to function as wonderfully as it has. If so, I will gladly do business with this company in the future and for carbon filter needs.

Thank you!

-Rusty in West VA


I just wanted to let you know how the Odor Hogs worked out for us. As soon as we arrived at our Colorado home, my husband (the skeptic) crawled up on the roof to place the OdorHogs and hoping they would work, because the smell was so bad. Well right after he placed them within about a hour we went back and checked (or smelled) for any odors...Mr. skeptic was amazed that we could not smell any odors, especially in such a short time. We were up there about 10 days and still no odors. I wanted to thank you for your help on the order and let you know how amazed we are with the product.

-Gay in CO


Hey Odor Hog Folks!,

I just wanted to drop you a line or two to tell you of my experience with your product. On a Monday I called and spoke with your very knowledgeable staff. I explained my problem and they gave me a solution. I ordered 2 vent caps and they were at my door that very Wednesday. They fit perfectly and required no tools or fussing around to get them on. They fit tight and snug and easy. They instantly took the sewer/septic odor away. I had a party scheduled for that night and I was so hoping that these caps would work and they did flawlessly. We had a great smell free summer evening on the deck for the first time in 6 years. It was awesome! I've waited several weeks to write this to see if any issues have arisen and nothing has. My wife and I are grateful for your product and will and have recommended it to our friends.

-David in SD


When I described the problem I was having (vent stack directly at the intake to my air handlers) my Area Director of Engineering suggested I try ODORHOG. I was skeptical but they really did work. The hallways are smelling fresh and clean. Thanks ODORHOG!

-Dave M, CEOE, SMA in WA


Great Product! Instant elimination of odor. Thank you!

-Steve B


Thank you for sending me the adapters/reducers so that the Odor Hog caps would fit my 3 vent stacks - I had incorrectly measured the roof stacks when I placed my original order.

At first I could only reach 2 out of 3 stacks with my standard ladder from our deck. Although I noticed a difference with only two caps, I could still smell the odor at the front of the house coming from the 3rd, uncovered stack. After having our Handyman place the 3rd and final cap on the stack closest to the apex of the roof, all odors have disappeared.

It's amazing that activated charcoal/carbon could work so well as a filter for odors. I believe the same general idea is used in water filtration.

We are very pleased with the end result when our septic installer had no solution at all for us. Also, thanks for your timely and courteous customer service as well! Feel free to use my note in your testimonials.

-Roger in VA


I attached the filter to the vent pipe ... and from the moment I attached it, we haven’t smelled one whiff of odor. We were so worried that there was something wrong with our new septic system. The OdorHog is an amazing product that really works! Many thanks for developing and marketing this product!!!

-Mike in MA


Thank You...! We really do appreciate your great customer service and attention to detail.

-Larry in CA


In 2002 I finished building my retirement home. Everything was great except for the awful smell of sewer. At first, we thought it must have been one of the neighbors having problems with their septic system. Then a prevailing southerly wind turned the culprit in. I was the neighbor with the septic smell issue. The system vent stack was directly above the pool area and when the wind blew, with it came the smell.

After searching the internet for resolution, I found “OdorHog.” Skeptical of any purchase through the internet, I went ahead and purchased a unit. I recently purchased my second unit after 7 years of continuous use.

Well, I have to say I have never in my 56 years of living has a product in the market provided such an instant result. Oh and did I mention, easy to install. No tools, adhesive or confusing instructions. Place it on the existing stack and instantly, no smell.

And if you consider today’s world, it’s GREEN also. No methane smells released in the atmosphere. How much better can a consumer have it? Someone should place a bug in a politician ear and get this product mandated for every facility. How much greener is that, my thanks to the folks at “OdorHog.”

-Don C. in ME


I researched the internet and found the OdorHog website. I wasn't too sure about the product at first, but read so many successful stories on how the device did work. I decided to take the plunge. I ordered the filtered pipe, but ordered the wrong size. I phoned right away and they were gracious enough to send an extension to fit from a 4" to 3" pipe at NO CHARGE.

The minute the pipe was fitted onto the septic pipe, the smell went away. It has been over 2 weeks and the smell is still gone. I am SO excited that there is a product out there that deals with stinky septic pipe odors.

-Carol in NJ


After 6 years of complaints from the neighbors about the sickening stench coming from my roof vents and no solutions from the city or any plumbers I’ve spoken with, I finally found your company! Your product is mostly used on septic systems, however, I am connected to the city sewer system and it appeared that I was venting the sewer main running down the street.

We weren’t sure if your product would work on this condition, but am delighted to say it does.

The neighbors can once again enjoy outdoor barbeques and can actually spend time in their yard without the nasty smells. I waited a few weeks to write this because I could hardly believe that it actually worked as well as it does!

Thank you OdorHog for keeping the peace and providing clean outdoor air around my house!

-Art H. in HI


I purchased the solar model last spring. The vent odors had been drifting into open windows and across our pool area. I installed the solar model and the odors were gone immediately. I have a 200-year old home and the unit didn't back up the odor into the house as other passive models had. You can hardly notice the unit on the roof vent. Terrific product.

-Tom B. in CT


I installed my OdorHog filter two weeks ago nothing but fresh air after two years and hundreds of dollars of bills just to tell me my septic was working fine and that I would have to live with the stench coming from my soil stack. THANKS A MILLION!

-J. Hill in MI


Goods arrived on the 7th. Fantastic service, many thanks. If you need a contact in the U.K. perhaps we could help.

-Nigel Finch in UK


I just placed the order for my second set of Odor Hog filters. The filters completely eliminated the problem 6 years ago and now the smell is back. The product has worked as advertised and lasted as advertised. Very glad we found it.

-Jeff in CA


I am a British expatriate who retired to Cyprus in April 2002 and moved into a newly built bungalow 9 months ago. I soon found that as soon as there was a moderate south westerly wind, the air turbulence caused fumes from the vent from the septic tank to drift across the patio, especially when the bathroom or washing machine was being used. The fumes were particularly bad when the temperature went above 90 ° F. I searched for a filter locally without success and was fortunate to find your Company after a Google search on the Internet. Your website proved informative and I liked the way that International shipping costs were updated each time I added something to my shopping basket. The filter took just 7 days to reach Cyprus and less than 5 minutes to fit. The filter is well constructed and the 2" clamp on model easily fitted the European 5cm pipe. Most importantly, it works! Thank you so very much. I have already placed an order for another filter to fit on a second vent pipe.

-Alan in the county of Cyprus


After many attempts to resolve the septic odor outside of our home your product finally got the job done. I really appreciate the extra help you gave us by shipping an adapter for the unit when our misshaped sized vent pipe would not allow the 1st hog to fit. I had the thing on the stack within minutes and we have not had the smell since. I have waited 3 weeks to send this email to ensure the OdorHog was really working. It is. No more embarrassing smell. Thanks again.

-Scott in OH


We recently purchased a new custom home in Chandler, AZ. A few months ago, as the weather turned cooler, my family and I started to notice a horrible rotten egg, sewer smell. The smell was so foul that we could not even open up our windows and take advantage of the cool desert nights. The smell seemed to get worse after someone showered. We were baffled. The first thing we did was call our home builder. He came out and said there was nothing he could do for us. We then called our septic tank installer. Again, we were told everything is installed and working correctly. There had to be a solution. I was bound and determined to get our backyard barbeque ready before our son's 15th birthday party. I next turned to the Internet for answers. I came across the OdorHog web site. After studying the web site and reading some testimonials, I realized that this product was just what I was looking for. This was such a easy solution. I figured out what size OdorHog vent pipe I needed and ordered it on line. I received my OdorHog just days later. My husband was a bit skeptical of the whole thing. He was out of town when the OdorHog arrived. I decided I could install it all by myself. I climbed up on to the roof and slid it on. By the time I had climbed down, the odor was gone. WOW ! OdorHog turned my husband from a skeptic to a believer. The sewer smell is completely gone. I am happy to report that my son's barbecue was a sweet smelling success. THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT!!! Thanks again.

-Rebecca in AZ


The product worked great. I had just spent $30,000 on a new septic field and could not understand why I stepped out my back door to smell sewer gases in the evenings or colder days. At first I thought we would have to dig the back yard up again and the septic nightmare would continue. After searching the Internet and nothing to lose, I was more than willing to try your solution. After two weeks no odors noticed!!!!

-Mark in CT


My name is Phil, my wife Sandra and I live in Kansas but we also have 120 acres of beautiful property about 100 miles from our house. It has everything that we wanted in a "getaway" house. Beautiful, rolling hills, creeks, ponds, woods, wildlife. What is great is it's in the middle of nowhere but we have a house on the land and it has all the comforts of home: central air, electricity, plumbing.....what I'm getting at is it really is the best of both worlds. When we first got the place in 2001 it had no septic system!!! Just an underground pipe that went to the ditch! We had a lateral system installed and thought all was well until we started getting that "mysterious" sewer-type smell. It seemed every time we would go out there on the weekends, there it was. We had a couple of plumbers come out and look around and under the house for leaks, etc. We even had the guy that built the house try and figure it out and NOBODY could! I went online and found your site and said "why not." I put the OdorHog vent pipe filters on and THEY WORK!!! I can not believe how simple the solution was yet nobody could figure it out. I would not be writing back to you if it just worked occasionally or "kinda" helped with the odor problem, I do a radio morning show in Wichita Kansas so I'm occasionally asked to do testimonials. I only do them if I'm 100% sure that what I'm promoting is on the level and OdorHog is nothing short of a miracle. The smell is gone and I look like a genius! I'll talk to my wife about linking to one of our favorite charities as we have many (mostly animal type and animal rescue stuff). Feel free to use my testimonial and I'll have my wife Sandra e-mail you her thoughts too, as she is also a believer!

-Phil in KS


We have received dozens and dozens of testimonials from happy customers. If you want to read more, just click here for our testimonials archive.