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I have a weekend getaway in Upstate NY. I had noticed a horrible smell coming from the septic pipe on my roof. The smell would be so bad that at night I could hardly sit on my deck without gagging.

I researched the internet and found the OdorHog website. I wasn't too sure about the product at first, but read so many successful stories on how the device did work. I decided to take the plunge. I ordered the filtered pipe, but ordered the wrong size. I phoned right away and they were gracious enough to send an extension to fit from a 4" to 3" pipe at NO CHARGE.

The minute the pipe was fitted onto the septic pipe, the smell went away. It has been over 2 weeks and the smell is still gone. I am SO excited that there is a product out there that deals with stinky septic pipe odors.


-Carol in NJ

In 2002 I finished building my retirement home. Everything was great except for the awful smell of sewer. At first, we thought it must have been one of the neighbors having problems with their septic system. Then a prevailing southerly wind turned the culprit in. I was the neighbor with the septic smell issue. The system vent stack was directly above the pool area and when the wind blew, with it came the smell.

After searching the internet for resolution, I found “OdorHog.” Skeptical of any purchase through the internet, I went ahead and purchased a unit. I recently purchased my second unit after 7 years of continuous use.

Well, I have to say I have never in my 56 years of living has a product in the market provided such an instant result. Oh and did I mention, easy to install. No tools, adhesive or confusing instructions. Place it on the existing stack and instantly, no smell.

And if you consider today’s world, it’s GREEN also. No methane smells released in the atmosphere. How much better can a consumer have it? Someone should place a bug in a politician ear and get this product mandated for every facility. How much greener is that, my thanks to the folks at “OdorHog.”

-Don C. in ME

After 6 years of complaints from the neighbors about the sickening stench coming from my roof vents and no solutions from the city or any plumbers I’ve spoken with, I finally found your company! Your product is mostly used on septic systems, however, I am connected to the city sewer system and it appeared that I was venting the sewer main running down the street.

We weren’t sure if your product would work on this condition, but am delighted to say it does.

The neighbors can once again enjoy outdoor barbeques and can actually spend time in their yard without the nasty smells. I waited a few weeks to write this because I could hardly believe that it actually worked as well as it does!

Thank you OdorHog for keeping the peace and providing clean outdoor air around my house!

-Art H. in HI

I purchased the solar model last spring. The vent odors had been drifting into open windows and across our pool area. I installed the solar model and the odors were gone immediately. I have a 200-year old home and the unit didn't back up the odor into the house as other passive models had. You can hardly notice the unit on the roof vent. Terrific product.

-Tom B. in CT

I installed my OdorHog filter two weeks ago nothing but fresh air after two years and hundreds of dollars of bills just to tell me my septic was working fine and that I would have to live with the stench coming from my soil stack. THANKS A MILLION!

-J. Hill in MI

Goods arrived on the 7th. Fantastic service, many thanks. If you need a contact in the U.K. perhaps we could help.

-Nigel Finch in UK

I just placed the order for my second set of Odor Hog filters. The filters completely eliminated the problem 6 years ago and now the smell is back. The product has worked as advertised and lasted as advertised. Very glad we found it.

-Jeff in CA

After many attempts to resolve the septic odor outside of our home your product finally got the job done. I really appreciate the extra help you gave us by shipping an adapter for the unit when our misshaped sized vent pipe would not allow the 1st hog to fit. I had the thing on the stack within minutes and we have not had the smell since. I have waited 3 weeks to send this email to ensure the OdorHog was really working. It is. No more embarrassing smell. Thanks again.

-Scott in OH

We recently purchased a new custom home in Chandler, AZ. A few months ago, as the weather turned cooler, my family and I started to notice a horrible rotten egg, sewer smell. The smell was so foul that we could not even open up our windows and take advantage of the cool desert nights. The smell seemed to get worse after someone showered. We were baffled. The first thing we did was call our home builder. He came out and said there was nothing he could do for us. We then called our septic tank installer. Again, we were told everything is installed and working correctly. There had to be a solution. I was bound and determined to get our backyard barbeque ready before our son's 15th birthday party. I next turned to the Internet for answers. I came across the OdorHog web site. After studying the web site and reading some testimonials, I realized that this product was just what I was looking for. This was such a easy solution. I figured out what size OdorHog vent pipe I needed and ordered it on line. I received my OdorHog just days later. My husband was a bit skeptical of the whole thing. He was out of town when the OdorHog arrived. I decided I could install it all by myself. I climbed up on to the roof and slid it on. By the time I had climbed down, the odor was gone. WOW ! OdorHog turned my husband from a skeptic to a believer. The sewer smell is completely gone. I am happy to report that my son's barbecue was a sweet smelling success. THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT!!! Thanks again.

-Rebecca in AZ

The product worked great. I had just spent $30,000 on a new septic field and could not understand why I stepped out my back door to smell sewer gases in the evenings or colder days. At first I thought we would have to dig the back yard up again and the septic nightmare would continue. After searching the Internet and nothing to lose, I was more than willing to try your solution. After two weeks no odors noticed!!!!

-Mark in CT

My name is Phil, my wife Sandra and I live in Kansas but we also have 120 acres of beautiful property about 100 miles from our house. It has everything that we wanted in a "getaway" house. Beautiful, rolling hills, creeks, ponds, woods, wildlife. What is great is it's in the middle of nowhere but we have a house on the land and it has all the comforts of home: central air, electricity, plumbing.....what I'm getting at is it really is the best of both worlds. When we first got the place in 2001 it had no septic system!!! Just an underground pipe that went to the ditch! We had a lateral system installed and thought all was well until we started getting that "mysterious" sewer-type smell. It seemed every time we would go out there on the weekends, there it was. We had a couple of plumbers come out and look around and under the house for leaks, etc. We even had the guy that built the house try and figure it out and NOBODY could! I went online and found your site and said "why not." I put the OdorHog vent pipe filters on and THEY WORK!!! I can not believe how simple the solution was yet nobody could figure it out. I would not be writing back to you if it just worked occasionally or "kinda" helped with the odor problem, I do a radio morning show in Wichita Kansas so I'm occasionally asked to do testimonials. I only do them if I'm 100% sure that what I'm promoting is on the level and OdorHog is nothing short of a miracle. The smell is gone and I look like a genius! I'll talk to my wife about linking to one of our favorite charities as we have many (mostly animal type and animal rescue stuff). Feel free to use my testimonial and I'll have my wife Sandra e-mail you her thoughts too, as she is also a believer!

-Phil in KS

OdorHog worked very well. The real test will come this summer.

-Gilbert in NY

I am absolutely DELIGHTED with OdorHog vent pipes. We had an ongoing problem with bad smell for several months and no plumber could offer a solution. We had the vent pipes moved from one side of the house to the other, added enzymes as per instructions, added road kill to boost bacteria - all to no avail. Your filters have made a huge difference, and I can now invite clients to have their facials and skin treatments in my studio without embarrassment. Thanks so much. Kind regards

-Jennifer in Australia

I only needed one filter, my wife accidently threw out the first one. I installed it at my summer home this weekend. I have an aerobic innoculator and whenever I turn it on it reeks for a day or more. I fired up the innoculator this year after installing the OdorHog . There was zero odor and so far the problem is solved. Thanks

-Pete in MI

Yes, we are very pleased with the OdorHog . Since putting it on our vent we have had no problem with odor and can enjoy our outdoor deck. Thanks for such a wonderful product.

-Helen in KS

Great invention! Before I installed the OdorHog , there was an odor once in a while depending on atmospheric conditions and the breeze. It's been 4 months since I installed the OdorHogs (sic) on my two vent stacks and I haven't had the smell a single day.

-Frederick in NH

Working great so far. Thanks for the follow up

-Wanda in TN

They seem fine so far. Thanks

-Roy in HI

Hi, I took about five minutes to install them. They worked perfectly. Something must be wrong; it was too simple. Thanks,

-John in CA

Yes, The OdorHog vent pipe filter did work for me! I spoke with two or three septic installers and they told me that there was nothing you could do about the odor. However, they were wrong! It is a great product.

-Jason in KY

I am glad that you emailed me looking for remarks. When I first looked into vent pipe filters I was very skeptical. Everyone I talk to about the odor, said it was normal and just to live with it. So, if it was a normal odor why would anyone buy a filter, and nobody in my area ever heard of them, or had them. However, after several months of the odor problem, my wife and I broke down and could not handle the smell any longer. After receiving the filters and putting them on my vents, we are living odor free. The odor was gone immediately! It has been about six months now and the odor is still gone. All I can say is that these filters are absolutely the best item I have ever bought. We are even in the process of buying them for some of our rental properties. Thanks for the odor free living!!

-Mark in CA

We moved into our home in Goodview, VA on July 1st of 2002. In the Fall, as the weather got cooler, we began noticing an unpleasant odor outside, when leaving for work in the morning. I checked the septic area and did not find any signs of seepage. The following Spring, we had the septic tank pumped out. Everything seemed fine until the cold weather returned in the Fall of 2003, when once again, we would notice the odor of raw sewage. I came to the conclusion that the odor must be coming from the vent pipes on the roof (there are 4 of them). I assumed that the reason we only notice it in the colder weather is because the air coming out of the vents must be denser then the outside air in the colder months, and therefore tends to settle towards the ground where we smell it. In the warmer weather, the air from the vents must rise, because we don't notice it in the Summer. Anyway, we just figured that since we don't spend much time outside in the colder weather, it wouldn't be a big deal. That all changed in September of 2005, when we purchased a hot tub for our back deck. Now we began spending more time outside, especially in the cold weather, relaxing in the hot tub. However, it seemed that every time the wind would shift, we would once again smell the sewage, which greatly detracted from enjoying the hot tub. Not to mention how embarrassing it is when we have guests outside with us and they too smell the contents of our septic tank.... YUCK!! In September of 2006, I tore down my deck and built a new, and larger, deck using Trex (a composite material that will not crack, splinter, and NEVER needs staining!). The new deck includes a 14' x 14' section just for the hot tub, and has a roof on it. Well, enough about the deck... LOL... Building the deck took about 3 months, during which time, my sense of smell was constantly being assaulted by the odor of sewage. A good friend of mine from New Jersey came to spend some time with us and he also noticed the foul odor. I went online where I located your website. I was elated to see that there was something out there that could possibly eliminate our odor problem! I ordered 4 of your "OdorHogs " in different sizes. When they arrived, I immediately went up on the roof and installed them. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY to tell you, that we have been enjoying our hot tub for the past 3 months FREE FROM SEWAGE ODOR!!!! I can't believe that such a simple solution to our problem was out there all that time, and I never knew to look for it. Your product is truly worth its weight in gold! Needless to say, when the time comes for replacement filters, you will be getting another order from me. Sincerely,

-Bob in VA

We have used your product for several months now. They have fixed the problem entirely. No More Smells!!!

-Karen in AR

They work great! The smell in the evenings when the air is still was disgusting. Since I installed them, I haven't even thought about it until you wrote

-Bruce in HI

Just to say that we are very happy with OdorHog . It works fine and diminishes the odour from the vent pipe of the drains.

-Fivos in Cyprus

I have not had the odor issue since placing the filter on the vent pipe. Additionally, much to my surprise, the filter has stayed in place through absolutely ferocious hurricane force winds with no was just slipped on. Hard to believe it was this easy to fix the problem.

-Bill in MA

We thank you for your follow up E-mail, I installed the filters approximately 8 weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised they work very well. Just one comment 4" is fine for the USA but in Europe our pipe is 110mm and I had to use silicone to seal the pipe. I would suggest that your company should look for a distributor in Ireland, as this type of filter is not available. Best wishes for the future

-Chris in Ireland

We have not had any odor since we installed the OdorHog . It's been one of the best things we've purchased for our "cabin."

-Sally in MN

Apparently to date, your product has seemed to help. Sincerely,

-Bill in AZ

They have worked wonderfully. Thank you

-Cameron in KS

Thanks for a great product!. The OdorHogs were easy to install and have eliminated the odors from my system. I can now walk around my home with out smelling the septic gases and I am no longer embarrassed to have friends visit.

-Michael in AZ

I am excited to say the OdorHog  is working great. I live in the town of Paradise California and we are in the tall pines. With several cedar and redwood trees lining my property I do not get a good movement of air that would normally carry vent fumes away. Since Installing the OdorHogs we can BBQ without tears. Thanks again!

-Pamela in CA

thanks you very much for the concern, and yes it did solve the smelly problem we had at a stockbrokers office. If I run into that again I will sure order another one. Thanks again.

-Bob in FL


-Larry in TX

We have had the OdorHog installed for approximately three months ago (September), and we are very satisfied. We are in Pennsylvania and have had a fairly mild winter so far, so we haven't had the really low temperatures that seems to make the odor worse. But even on the nights when it has been cold, there is absolutely no detection of smell. It is so nice not to be embarrassed when company comes. Thank you for a great product! We will recommend your product to other people.

-Michele & Jerry in PA

Living in the mountains is great but the downdraft during the winter stunk. OdorHog took care of the smell. problem solved! Thanks for a great product

-Leon in GA

We had to install new septic tanks (2,000 gallons total) adjacent to our remodeled home. Unfortunately, the roof vents emitted so much odor it was embarrassing. The OdorHog  filters solved the problem completely and immediately. I installed them in minutes. Such a simple design that works so well! It makes perfect sense that they work as well as they do.

-Don in CA

The OdorHog is working great. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

-Don in IL

We had been having awful smells from our vent pipes all during the day for over a year. We tried pumping out the septic system. That only helped marginally. We found your product on the Internet, and after we installed the 1 1/2" and 2" OdorHog filters on all our 8 vents, the odor problem has gone away. We have been odor-free for about two months. These things really do work as advertised. They are reasonably priced and easy to install. We are satisfied customers, and would recommend your product to anyone who has a habitual septic odor problem. Thank you so much for your product.

-Diane and Bob in HI

Yes we are delighted with the OdorHog . Here in Northern Cyprus the odor from cesspit vents is a serious problem especially during our long very hot summer months and we don’t really have anything on the local market to cure it. OdorHog worked a treat we have a vent directly above our bedroom terrace and it got to the stage when we could not sit out for our morning coffee because of the smell. Now that’s all changed and we can enjoy our terrace again, thanks to OdorHog . Thanks again for your help and a great product.

-Robert in Cyprus

I installed four of the OdorHogs , 3 solar powered models on the vents from the bathrooms and kitchen area and placed one passive unit on a half bath vent. They appear to have solved the problem quite well. It has made a great difference in our enjoyment of the area.

-Peter in WA

I moved into a new house on a hill next to a huge line of trees. The wind blew down on the house and the septic smell was disheartening. I have used the Odor-Hog for over a year and it has been great. Thanks for being the solution to my problem.

-Joseph in NY

The OdorHog  is an amazing product. After recently purchasing our first house my wife and I noticed an odd smell in the back yard that seemed to come and go. It was quite embarrassing and hard to entertain friends and family without multiple comments. We contacted three different plumbing companies and could never get a diagnosis from any of them on what was causing the smell. My wife then came across your website and by process of elimination we figured it had to be the vent pipe for the back restroom coming out of the roof. The second I installed the OdorHog  the smell was 100% gone and has stayed 100% gone. We have not had any backup smell in the house either which I believe is a concern when you cover a vent pipe. We have spent a considerable amount of time and money fixing up our house and this product dollar for dollar was by far the purchase we made!

-Glen in TX

We own a lake cabin in Northern Wisconsin. Since having a new septic system installed we had terrible septic odor that hung around the cabin and floated into the windows. I called the installer several time and no problems were detected in the system. While talking to a neighbor one afternoon he told me OdorHog vent caps had solved his septic odor problem. I was skeptical to say the least. The caps were easy to order over the internet, and installation was basically opening the box and placing the vent cap on the vent. And our odor problems disappeared! Now, I recommend them to anyone who has a septic odor problem. Thanks OdorHog.

-Sue in WI

As soon as we put the OdorHog on we could tell a big difference. There were still some small wafts that came across a few times, but I think these are coming from the septic tank covers and/or the drainfield vents. Thanks again, it seems like a great product.

-Steve in WI

Installed and have worked fine, odor is gone and we are happy.

-Rick in NM

Yes, they worked!!!! They were a perfect fit to our vents and the complete elimination of all septic odor was IMMEDIATE. Our order was fulfilled quickly and correctly. We highly recommend the product and your company. Thank you.

-Dr. Dettman in MT

We installed the OdorHogs on two roof vents and noticed an immediate difference. It was finally a pleasure to sit out on our deck and enjoy the fresh air. We live in a ski area and have crisp mountain air to breathe. The smell of sewer is not pleasant. Thank you.

-Dick in ID

Thank you! OdorHog  did solve our mysterious smell issues! What a relief.

-Lisa in NY

When we installed the OdorHog the odor went away instantly and never returned this entire summer. Your product has put the enjoyment back into our outside deck.

-Lowell in AK

We were having an unpleasant odor outside our inn at times. It seemed whenever the weather was changing and the barometric pressure was falling, the odor from our septic vents was being brought to ground level. We raised our vent stacks but this didn't help. After we installed the OdorHog Vent Pipe Filters, the problem went away. Thank you for offering a great product.

-Grant in VA

Thank you so much for a great product! The OdorHog instantly took care of my odor problem and I sold my house instantly. Thank you again!

-Cathy in AZ

Yes, the OdorHog seems to be doing the job. It's a bit hard to tell since there is still one un-OdorHogged vent pipe (of an odd size) which may be the culprit.

-Joey in London UK

After installing the OdorHog vent pipe filter within 30minutes I noticed a change. I just built my new house and it kinda sits up on a hill so there is constantly a breeze of some sort. The wind would blow from one side and the catch the septic odor and fill the yard with an embarrassing odor. After installing the filters (which was very simple) there was no more embarrassing odor and still there is no odor. I am very pleased with my purchase and have recently recommended OdorHog to my father-in-law who has a similar issue. Thanks OdorHog for getting rid of my odor problem..

-Todd in MO

The OdorHog filters I recently purchased were to replace some I had purchased about 2 years ago, even though the first ones are still working satisfactorily. They are installed on a mountain cabin at 9500' elevation among numerous hills. When the wind was in a certain direction we got the odor, but that has been eliminated and I "thank you". We use the cabin about 5 months of the year and it is nice to no longer have the odor problem.

-Mo in CO

Thank you for your assistance with our enormous issue of vent odors from our grease interceptor. After inquiring I was somewhat skeptical as to whether or not the OdorHog  would be of any help. The OdorHog  has done a great job. Although we still have periods when the odors return, they are not even near what we were experiencing before. Thank you OdorHog !!

-Rick in CA

Our OdorHog was installed on the vent pipe of a blackwater holding tank and has completely killed the odor. The charcoal concept of the OdorHog prompted us to attack the other issue: The tank lid doesn't seal very well, so we made the equivalent of a sandbag out of some fabric and crushed Kingsford charcoal and put that over the lid. So between the OdorHog and the Kingsford, we've got her coming & going.

-Dave in WI

Many thanks for your email. I am pleased to say that since installing the OdorHog filters I have not experienced any further problems with my vent stacks and all odours have been eliminated. I have no hesitation in recommending your product.

-Kevin in Wales UK

Yes, the OdorHog did solve our problem. We have had fresh air on our back deck all summer. We live in a bi-level house and our back deck isn't very far from the sewer vent pipe on the roof. In the past we would have random days where the sewer gas smell would travel towards the deck, causing us to move inside. Since adding the OdorHog we haven't had one smelly day yet. Thanks for asking.

-Bob in CO

The OdorHogs are great! They were easy to install, and they solved the problem. This is the first house we have owned that was on a septic system, and we were out of ideas as to what to do. No more foul aroma drifting down from the vent pipes on the house.

-Bill in WA

We have a mountain log cabin in Western Colorado adjoining the Uncompaghre Nat'l forest at 8,000 ft elevation. The cabin sits on a hill 1,000 feet above Unaweep Canyon. Since we built in late 2003, we had sewer gas smell, sometimes terrible. I added at least $150 worth of septic tank chemical during the past two years to no avail. I noted that the wood stove chimney nearly always allowed smoke to drop down the steep roof line to the ground so I determined this is why the sewer odor also came to the ground. I searched the "web" and found your site and ordered a OdorHog . I installed a 3" OdorHog on our only vent. In hours, no odor was detected. It has been installed now since May 2006 and never have we detected any septic tank odor. Many thanks for the remarkable solution.

-Harry in CO

We had just finished our new home at the top of Cowee Mountain Ridge, Franklin, NC at 4000 ft. elevation. After buying new patio furniture and getting the water feature going in the patio area located in front our house, we were ready to entertain guest, until we discovered that we had a problem. My design of the house had all the vents tied into one vent located on the end of the house that no one can see; however, it is also on the same end of the house as the patio. Now we had a nice area to entertain and could not enjoy it. The wind up to our house is like a chimney and rolls over the mountain ridge and roof top and alas brings the sewer smell down with it. My wife did a search for an answer to the problem on the internet and found your web site. We ordered the 4" OdorHog , installed it and can say that the odor problem is gone. I will be glad to tell anyone (and have done just that) that this was the best money I have ever spent. Thanks for solving our problem.

-Conrad in NC

Odor has gone. Thanks

-Richard in MT

We are so happy with the results from the OdorHog  we had put up with that stink for 8 years. Thank you so much your product was worth every penny.

-Joseph in VA

Yes. It works fantastic.

-Tom in NH

Seems to be working fine, and to have solved the problem. Thanks!

-James in VA

Have worked great for me so far. Just what I'd hoped for.

-Ryan in IA

Yes, it stopped the odor immediately. Many thanks.

-Ken in TX

Yes, in fact it did! Instantly!!

-Pete in PA

Yes the OdorHog s are working absolutely wonderfully! The smell is gone and we have been enjoying our backyard a lot this summer. Thank you for your help with the return of the ones that were the wrong size and for your great product.

-Dee in WA

The OdorHogs solved our problem! - We agonized for a couple years on what to do and I found your website by doing search on roof vent pipe odor and found you. It is wonderful not to have the odor problem any longer!

-Pat in AZ

I installed one of your 3 “ ABS OdorHogs on a “ stinky” holding tank in a house boat . We have tried every chemical known to man to get rid of the septic odor or even cover it up. The OdorHog  has totally eliminated the stink . I am telling all our houseboat buddies about your product. It works GREAT !!!!!

-David in CA

I installed your product and results to date have been perfect. The odor has been completely eliminated. I have been in my new house for five years and every time I was outside I would get a whiff from these vents. I talked with other people about this problem and nobody had a clue on what to do. I stumbled onto your web site by accident and decided to give it a try. I am 100% pleased and would recommend this product to anyone experiencing this problem.

-Dale in ME

We received the OdorHog and installed at our vacation home in VT. So far, the product is working great. No longer do we have the odor around our yard. Fast shipping and easy install made this a no brainer.

-Doug in VT

I installed the OdorHog a few weeks ago. From that time, the septic odor has completely disappeared. Your product was referred to us by friends whom it had worked for, and it has worked perfectly for us. Thank you for a great product.

-David in ME

The OdorHog  totally solved our problem. Prior to finding it online, I had two plumbers and a septic tank company out to our home to try to resolve the problem of odors coming from a vent pipe on our pool house when the outside temperature rose above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (we live in Scottsdale, AZ so it is over 100 degrees half the year!). None of the companies I had out knew how to solve the odor problem. It took about one minute to install the OdorHog  and I have had no problems since. Thank you!

-Steve in AZ

They have helped a great deal. We still have to change more often than you had thought but must be as we are kind of in a valley.....but again, have helped a lot. And the idea of taking down and cleaning more often has helped. Trust me WITHOUT them we could hardly sit outside. So we will be using them all the time and have told many others about them! A regular Studer did NOTHING !!!! And whomever my husband talked to on the phone was 100% helpful !

-Debi in CO

We have two holiday homes here in France. Obviously it was not acceptable to have smelly odours in the garden when people are on holiday. I searched for a carbon filter here but could not source one anywhere. OdorHog has totally solved our problem and we are extremely satisfied.

-Bob in France



Hi, we have a place down in a wooded area in the mountains and had a lot of downdraft odor, but the OdorHog eliminated it completely. I'm recommending it to our builder and anyone else who has the same problem.

-Fraser in NC

Hello, just wanted to let you know we installed the OdorHogs and found immediate "relief"! The odor was gone! We can now entertain outside without feeling embarrassment, it's so wonderful!!!! Thanks for a fabulous product! We will definitely order replacement carbon when the time comes!!!!

-Andrea in NY

We are very pleased with the results. We purchased 4 filters for a home we just purchased. We had consistent problems with lingering odors before we installed them and they were gone the moment we put them on. Installation was simple and they perform as advertised. The only thing I regret is that we waited 3 months after I heard about OdorHog before we bought them.

-Thom in NC

My wife and I are amazed at how well OdorHog vent pipe filters worked. We put two of them on our roof (one for each vent pipe of course) taking about 5 minutes total, including resetting the ladder. Since the filters have been installed, we've been able to have people over for barbecues on the deck without any worries about the smells that used to come out. Great product, have already recommended to others!! Thanks a lot!

-Benjamin in MI

It worked great. No more odor. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Thanks much. We are really glad we bought this item.

-Bev & Alan in MI

We finally installed the OdorHog vent pipe filter a few months ago. It was easy to install and works perfectly. Have not detected a hint of sewer odor yet, something that was a daily annoyance last summer.

-Ramu in VA

Here's a link to my favorite charity, UNICEF:

I ordered your OdorHog filter from the internet and the pipe arrived here in France just over a week later. The filter is working fine and we are so impressed with your excellent service. Thank you.

-Jan in France

The OdorHogs work great! We have a brand new septic, and the odor was driving us nuts. We just didn't get how a brand new system could smell like that! We tried every kind of enzyme additive we could find and were desperate when we tried the OdorHogs . Thanks!

-Patty in OR

Your product worked GREAT! No more stink on my balcony. My only concern is whether the screen material in the tube will deteriorate and dump the sack of charcoal into my vent line. Do you know if this screen material is subject to degradation? Please let me know.

-Steve in AR

We have them on only a few weeks. So far we are pleased with the results.

-Lowell in AK

Yes, it did solve our vent pipe odor problem. We live in Wisconsin so we bought the black ABS to try and keep them from freezing. They still froze solid so I removed them the months of December thru March. We are happy with results of the OdorHogs the other 8 months, which is when we spend most of out time outdoors.

-Steve in WI
Sometimes even the black ABS models can freeze under extreme hoar-frost conditions.

Thank you for contacting me, as I am very busy and been meaning to write to OdorHog. I am very pleased with the results from the 2 OdorHog pipes I purchased back in April. The odor has just disappeared. I was worried, because our back deck is high off the ground, close to the roof. We had odors coming from the pipe that were unbearable. First, we had the septic pumped and the smell was still there. So we tried your products, and went from unbearable outdoor living, to once again, enjoying our new home outdoors again. Since then, we happen to notice our neighbors have the very same product. Thanks for keeping our neighborhood CLEAN......

-Gina in NY

Thanks for your email. So far I'm very pleased with the filters. Their Australian equivalent cost almost twice as much, even with postage taken into consideration. However, because Australian pipe fittings are metric, I had to remove some material from the inside of the filter collars in order to make them fit. I'll promote your product with our local government authority as septic systems are prevalent in my area so I'm sure odour is a problem at times for most householders. Feel free to use this email as a testimonial.

-Rod in Australia
International customers, please order the OdorHog s with the no-hub, stretch fit clamp on models so that modifications will not be necessary.

Thanks for checking with us. The hogs are installed. Unfortunately they did not solve the odor problem. I suspect the cause of the odor was not from the vent pipe though. We and our customer are pleased with your product. I would not hesitate to us them again.

-Steve in OK

Yes OdorHog did solve our longstanding vent pipe odour problem thank you! It took a little fiddling with our system, as once the filters were on, the gases found every other leak in the exterior pipe work. We checked and sealed all PVC pipe work joins between the tank and the vent, and painted the top of our very old concrete septic tank with a concrete sealer. We are odour free! The system will be put further to the test during autumn and winter here in Australia, with fog and damp air forcing the gas down but so far, so good. We are on acreage, just below the crest of a hill, surrounded by trees etc - the classic scenario. We would happily recommend OdorHog .

-Susan in Australia

I'm letting you know that the OdorHog  vent pipe worked great! I was very hesitant to try it because nothing worked in the past. I have not smelled septic since the day we installed it. the installation was a breeze. excellent results. thanks!

-Lisa in ME

OdorHog s had completely solved my problem 10 minutes after I put them on. I had imagined that I'd probably have to spend a lot of money to fix this problem, then I found your website and gave it a shot. I couldn't be happier.

-Graham in CO

The OdorHog  works great, haven't smelled anything since I put it on. For all with vent gas problems- this works great. no odor at all. well recommended.

-Sand in NY

Yes, the OdorHog did the trick, completely. We're thrilled. We bought this house in December and were very bummed when we discovered that there were mysterious odors in the yard that would come and go. We thought it could be a gas leak, pesticide application, etc. Finally, a septic company recommended that we climb the roof and check to see if the vents were the source of the smell. They were. We found your website and took a chance and ordered the product. Magic. It has been a month and we haven't once smelled the odor. Yea, we can have barbecues.

-Kerry in CT

I installed my OdorHog a few days after receiving it. While I am interested to see how it will perform through the New England Spring and Summer, I am happy to report that your product appears to done the trick. I have not had any sign of a bad smell since the day I installed the OdorHog . I am very pleased with it's performance and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. Thanks!

-Andy in CT

The OdorHog is awesome! After 2 years of trying to figure out where the septic smell was coming from, we found the OdorHog website. There has been no septic smell since we installed it. Thank you so much!!!

-Kevin & Cindy in NY

Yes, the item has really helped.

-Donald in MO

I wish I found your product 2 years ago! The OdorHogs worked immediately and were very simple to install! My neighbors are even impressed as they don't have to put up with the odor either. Life is good on the deck and in the hot tub again! Thank you for offering such a simple and affordable solution!

-Peter in ME

They solved the very problem we had. They worked great and we love them!

-Nancy in CA

Working well so far!

-Mark in VA

I ordered back in 2003 - solved my problem as soon as I put them on. EXTREMELY happy with your product. I got just a hint of sewer smell the other day, and thought, I'm not going to wait until I smell it every time I go outside - so I'm back to order more. I know I can buy the charcoal replacement package for the 3 inch - and next time I will. Thank you so much for a great product.

-Sandra in MO

We had placed a simple extension on the vent pipes so they protrude above the height of the ridge. But, that made no difference in the occasional odor. Yes, the OdorHog has definitely eliminated the problem. To declare full victory we probably have to wait until cold weather comes again, since the smell had often intensified with seriously cold weather.

-Dietrich in GA

Yes, the OdorHogs solved the problem. No odor at all. Thanks

-Wayne in VA

Thank you for contacting us. The solar powered OdorHog is working great for us. It helped a lot, even before we discovered a plumbing problem that was the major cause of the odor in the basement (a vent pipe was disconnected). Since the plumbing problem has been fixed and the Solar powered OdorHog working, there is no longer an odor in the basement. I would suggest to anyone with a basement who has new construction ... and an odor problem to follow the vent pipes to see where they are venting and if there is a problem in the piping. I would have an OdorHog regardless, as it helps so much when the wind is blowing and the "aroma" swirls. The OdorHog has all but eliminated that problem as well.

Thank you so much for all your help and for the quality products that you provide for these smelly situations.

-Duane in NM

Dear OdorHog - First off, let me say I love your product! I ordered two 4" OdorHog s, and they have done the trick! I couldn't be more pleased. I think they also look great as well (!!).... Again, thanks for solving our problem.
Best Regards,

-Jeff in MA

Thank you for a wonderful product. I purchased an OdorHog about a year ago. We were experiencing heavy septic odor during humid conditions from Spring through Fall and very cold temperatures in Winter. To make things worse, the pipe was located right outside our guest room. I'm happy to report that since installing the OdorHog we have had no odor problems. None! I would have never thought that such a serious problem could be completely solved for less than fifty bucks and about 5 minutes of labor. I'm not exaggerating when I say the OdorHog may be the best purchase I've ever made. Thank you.

-Dan in VT

I now have two three inch vents on my house. We are in the process of doing an addition with a second bath. I finally installed the second OdorHog  on the vent serving the new bathroom, and so far all is working well, no odor. So I am definitely pleased till this point. However, I did notice that when I first put the OdorHog on the new vent, I was getting septic odor in the new bathroom. However, at that point, the fixtures were only stuffed with rags (i.e. the traps were not full of water yet, but the rags were sufficiently blocking the odor before installing the OdorHogs ). I was initially concerned because I thought the air flow restriction might be a problem. I'm keeping an eye on this, but as of now I have no odor inside --now that the traps are full- and no odor outside. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

-Doug in NY

We had a serious internal odor problem around a little used shower in our underground home. I tried everything to solve the problem including checking the venting pipes, water in the p-traps etc. I even converted a drainline access between the home and the septic tank to a vent. We came across your product on the internet and hoped it would solve the problem, but it didn't. Please understand I am not unhappy with your product. Your website was very clear that your product was unlikely to help and might even worsen an interior odor problem, but we were hoping that it just might help in that my only other choice was to tear out the shower and fix the leak that we could smell emanating from under the built in shower unit. Repairs to drains under a concrete slab are not easy to undertake or accomplish, so I was hoping for some solution short of breaking down the shower or tearing up concrete. I finally bit the bullet and tore out the shower using a skill saw. On inspecting the drain it turned out that the line had separated between the p trap and the main drain, allowing sewer gas to reflux outside the drain, out under the shower base and into our home. I am in the process of reinstalling a shower with a functioning drain. We have the entry to the main drain blocked and all the sewer smell is gone. Your product worked fine. I was just gambling that the increased suction might overcome the odor leak we had. It is clear that you in no way misrepresented your product. I bought them with full knowledge of your advice that they would be unlikely to solve our internal odor problem and feel you in no way are obligated to accept them back for a refund. I may well find another use for them. Thanks for asking. You may use this letter if you feel it might help someone else.

-Jack in GA

OdorHog worked great. From the minute I installed them (which took about two minutes to install 3 OdorHogs) the septic order is completely gone. Great product!

-Lee in NC

It worked out great. Just bought another one for a smaller vent pipe.

-Rich in VA

Hi, got your message and want you to know since I have installed the OdorHog vent pipe filter, I have not had the first smell of any bad odor, I am so pleased with this, hopefully the warm weather won't make a difference. I have been so long in trying to get this taken care of. Right now I would recommend it highly to anyone with a problem with odors, unless like I said the warm weather makes a difference. I will let you know. I want to thank you all very much. So glad I found that information on the internet.

-Lana in VA


-Diana in NY

We sold our house and moved since it was installed a couple of months ago. We did not notice any smell after I installed them. I have also talked to the new owners and they haven't noticed any smell from the septic system.

-Michael in MN

Thanks for following up--OdorHog worked great--absolutely no order left in the yard--I cannot believe it--thanks so much!!

-Lisa in CT

They worked great. My plumber could not even believe it. I can now have people come to the front door and not worry about the smell. It is not good when a Builder has smelly house problems.

-Bill in FL

We have installed the OdorHog aboard our vessel in the holding tank vent line. One of the issues boaters have is that when their holding tank gets close to being full, it tends to be noticeable both on the vessel and on the dock (if the vent is on the dock side). I'm glad to report that after installing the OdorHog and going through a few cycles we no longer have the problem. Installation was easy (about ten minutes after I bought the fittings).

-Dave in ON Canada

Thank you! The OdorHog started working the minute it was installed. What a relief...I thought we were surely looking at hundreds of dollars in septic tank repair. Thanks again! And I am sure our neighbors thank you!

-Michelle in ID

We live in Hawaii and just finished building our house. The smell from the septic was embarrassing and we were never sure whether it was from us or the neighbors. We found the ad for OdorHogs through a web search on septic odor and bought three. I'm glad to say that they worked from day one and we no longer have to worry when visitors come round to check out our new house.

- Richard in HI

I installed the vent pipes immediately and have had no odor problem since that time ( at least 3 mos. ago). Outdoor living on our deck out back or on our front patio was at times unthinkable prior to filter installation. OdorHog was great in replacing the pipes I misordered and in refunding a charge for a filter I did not receive.

- Doug in SC

So far so good. We have only had it installed for about a week but it seems to have solved the problem. We have an out building with a half bath that is at the same level as the septic but is lower than our house and certain wind conditions were causing us to notice the septic odors. We have not noticed it since the OdorHog was installed.

- Jonathan in HI

The OdorHog works great. I think it might have saved my marriage. I get a lot of down draft because of my location. I recently got remarried and my wife was ready to move because of the sewer smell. I live in the country and the only way to vent the septic is through the main plumbing vent. We haven't had any problem since and every thing is coming up roses.

- Ronald in MN

Yes, they have taken care of the problem! After they were installed, the smell came into my house, but I contacted your office and was told that it could be coming from the wax ring around the commode. I called a plumber and that was exactly the problem, so everything is fine now!

- Kathy in IN

We purchased a small cottage for weekend use. Not long after using the cottage we began to notice a smell of septic coming from the vent pipe. It was unbearable at times and embarrassing when we had company up to visit. We searched the Internet and found OdorHog . We were skeptical, but for the price we thought we would give it a try. Since installing the OdorHog we have not smelled septic once! Not even on damp days when it was usually the worst. We would strongly recommend this product to anyone with a similar problem. It was priced reasonably and was easy to install.

- Larry in MI

Yes, OdorHog is a great product! The septic smell disappeared as soon as I installed it and we haven't had to deal with it since. Thanks,

- Tony in TX

I installed them in about 15 minutes and haven't had odors since. I wish I would have found out about OdorHog months ago. We had the sewer company, plumber, and gas company out to find out what was causing our sewer odor. This process went on for 18-24 months with frustrating results. The problem got so bad that we couldn't hang out in our own backyard. The culprit was simply roof design and air flow. We had even considered moving. OdorHog was my 'Hail Mary.' Needless to say, it’s been several weeks since I installed OdorHog and the problem is resolved. The odors are gone and my wife is happy. This is a phenomenal product and I'll be sure to recommend it whenever I can.

- Chris in TN

Aloha. Just a short note of thanks to OdorHog for developing such a great product, because of a new EPA ruling we had to put in a septic system and no one told us a problem we might have with backed up gases. Whew, the smell began immediately. I typed in septic tank odors in Google and I'm happy to say I found your site. We ordered two units, got them within a week and after installation we had our sweet smelling Hawaiian air back. Thanks Again,

- Keoki in HI

I have capped one of my vents with the OdorHog and the others are capped with "wall vents" which are one-way valves that will let air in to avoid any vacuum in the drain lines but the valves will not let sewer gas escape. With one vent using the OdorHog I have not noticed any more odor and it had been quite bad before so it really is working! Best regards to your company.

- Dave in OR

They work great. I tried everything else prior to that. Thanks

- John in WA

They work great. I tried everything else prior to that. Thanks

- John in WA

Completely solved our odor problem. Thanks.

- William in OR

Easy to install. Haven't smelled a thing since. The right product for the situation. Thank you

- Stephen in ID

Thanks so much for the e-mail, I'm impressed with the request. Yes, we're excited about them - it worked very well. The funny thing is that no one has ever heard of this problem before, my neighbor the septic guy, various plumbers, etc - so it was almost like we were crazy. I'm glad I found you all on the web, and finally put them up there (took 30 seconds to install). The strange thing was that it didn't start to smell until we installed an entirely new septic system - tank and field drain. The old system didn't smell at all. Anyway, this solved the problem, and I'm really glad to do business with you. I'll be glad to recommend you. Best of Luck,

- ED in GA

Yes the OdorHog vents worked as your technical people said they would. Finally I don't have to explain when we have company that our septic tank is not overflowing. So we are quite elated with your product. As soon as we get rid of some of the snow (about April) I will order three more for my equipment shop. Thanks again for e-mailing me

- Carroll in WA

Yes, the OdorHogs did solve my problem. Every fall and spring, we used to get a terrible "rotten eggs" smell on our north deck. It made sitting in our spa rather unpleasant experience. Now, thanks to OdorHog, the problem is gone! I'd definitely recommend it to my friends. Thanks

- Paul in PA

The OdorHog filters are working great. We moved into a new rural home in Sept. of 2005. Had spent 9 months putting a 1350 sq ft addition onto and existing earth contact home. The first night in our new home, it was difficult to set on our deck due to the sewer gas odor. Spent the next few weeks trying to locate the source of the odor. Finally traced it to the new 2" gas vent. Had the idea of lengthening the vent so it was above the ridge. It was better, but still not fixed. Got on the internet and found your company. Ordered and installed the OdorHog filter and the problem was fixed immediately. Started having the same problem on the older part of the house and a 3.5" filter took care of that odor also. Thanks for your help.

- Claud in MO

Our OdorHog seems to work well.

- Shawn in NY

OdorHog works great. We love it.

- Jean in NY

Yes the unit I purchased solved the problem of septic odor. Regards

- Bill in AZ

I purchased a OdorHog to resolve my septic smell issue about 3 months ago. I must say that the odor problem that I was experiencing is completely gone since installing your product. I would highly recommend this product to anyone experiencing this problem. Thank You.

- Jason in MI

Happy to report that the OdorHog worked just fine and is now installed at my home in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. I have my own web site and once I can get my body back through the time zones and have settled down again I will put a testimonial onto my site and send you the link.
Very happy to have purchased OdorHog and have already spread the word around with my friends.

- Mike in Cyprus

I am pleased to say that the OdorHog has provided a perfect solution. It was for my father-in-law's property on the Island of Menorca, off the coast of Spain. He has a soakaway filtration system but was getting very unpleasant wafts across his garden, particularly when having friends around for a BBQ! He had tried all of the builders merchants on the Island to find a carbon filter and they didn't understand what he was asking for - it wasn't a language issue either. I also tried merchants in the UK and received a similar response 'carbon what?'.
I ordered the OdorHog and a spare bag of carbon via your website and it arrived in the UK within 3-4 days. We fitted the OdorHog to his vent pipe in a matter of minutes and it immediately cured the problem - absolutely no odour at all.
Many thanks

- Jon in UK

I am pleased to say that the OdorHog has provided a perfect solution. It was for my father-in-law's property on the Island of Menorca, off the coast of Spain. He has a soakaway filtration system but was getting very unpleasant wafts across his garden, particularly when having friends around for a BBQ! He had tried all of the builders merchants on the Island to find a carbon filter and they didn't understand what he was asking for - it wasn't a language issue either. I also tried merchants in the UK and received a similar response 'carbon what?'.
I ordered the OdorHog and a spare bag of carbon via your website and it arrived in the UK within 3-4 days. We fitted the OdorHog to his vent pipe in a matter of minutes and it immediately cured the problem - absolutely no odour at all.
Many thanks

- Jon in UK

worked well so far.

- Robert in TN

We installed the OdorHogs system in the early fall and they worked wonders. The only exception is that if a person lives this far north they have to be taken off as they freeze up and the odor backs up through the house. {Not a good thing} Remember to take them off before freeze up time. I would recommend them to anyone on a septic system.

- J.M. in MT

J.M. You must live in a real cold place. We have installations in Canada where the clients are able to keep the units on all year long.

Thank you for such a simple solution to a very smelly problem. My home had a septic odor especially during the winter. It was irritating and embarrassing. I ordered 3 OdorHogs , and the change was immediate. Your product really works! Thanks again

- Kurt in NC

I bought a 4" OdorHog from you last spring. We could not even sit outside because of the disgusting smell from the septic at our brand new house. The second I installed the unit the smell was gone & it hasn't returned since. Your product works excellent & I would highly recommend it. Thanks!

- Kevin in Canada

My husband and I did a web search for Septic System odor, and your site came up. We bought a 3" filter for our home, and were thrilled with the immediate results. Now our uncle wants one because he has suffered with septic smell for years, but never knew something could eliminate it. This product is amazing. Thank you!

- Lisa in CT

After having built a custom home with beautiful decks for relaxing and entertaining, we were very disappointed with the septic vents' habit of wafting unpleasant odors into our little sanctuary. We live in a mountainous area and the scent of the pine trees is wonderful. Your product has given us the chance to enjoy the decks as we had always dreamed we would. Thanks OdorHog !

- John and Julia - Colorado

it worked very well I haven't smelled anything since I installed it thanks

- Kirt in WI

Yes, OdorHog worked excellent! No more odor when we sit out on our deck, thank God.

- Tom in MA

I am happy to say that the OdorHog vent pipe filters I ordered has solved my septic tank odor problem. Now I can have friends or family over for a BBQ in the back yard without being embarrassed about the odor. That was money well spent! Thank you for a great product!

- Robert in HI

We could not be happier!! We purchased 4 OdorHog s, 1 for us, 1 for our builder, and 2 for my father. Now we can spend time outside without the smell of septic! Everyone of us is completely satisfied!! YAY ODORHOG !!!!!

Thank you!

- Nicole in ID

We installed 2 OdorHog s to eliminate some odors from our deck. They seem to be working well, however right after we got them installed it got cold and we haven't been using the deck as much. The installation was easy for one, the second I had to cut off a flange on cast iron pipe with a hacksaw. But they are both on and the wind hasn't blown them off yet. We'll know better next summer how well they are working.
Thanks for your interest.

- Art in RI

I've had the OdorHogs installed for about a month now and it does seem to make a difference for the better. On cool damp evening's I still occasionally detect a smell but that may just be the drain field venting.

Make sure to cover all vent pipes, e.g. on the roof as well as the drain fields

- Karl in WI

Thanks for the follow up email. Yes it did the trick. Best regards

- John in MA

So far it has been great. How long do you think it will last???

- Brian in VT

On a single family residence you should get three to five years of odor absorption.

Hi, The filters seem to have corrected our problem. I noticed a difference immediately. We subsequently noticed the odor a couple of times, but it didn't last long. As bad as our problem was, I wondered if we could have saturated the filter so quickly! (When should we change the filters?) But for now, except for the occasional stench from our local landfill, we are odor free! If you use my testimonial, please link to my husband's business: Don't know how wood sculpture connects with OdorHog filters but someone might see it and look us up! .

- Lynn in ME

You will know when you can smell the odors again. That means the carbons are saturated.

I initially put one of your OdorHog s on the 4" vent on the roof. It substantially reduced the offensive effluvium but did not eliminate it, as there were two more vents nearby. I ordered two more; a 2" one and an inch-and-a-half one. With all three OdorHog s installed, there was no more smell. I have now been odorless in Kaleden for three months and am very pleased about it; especially since all the experts I consulted had never heard of such a problem or a product like yours with which to solve it. Thank you, .

- Christopher in Canada

I was skeptical about this product at first but with a 90 day return if not satisfied and full refund I thought I would give it a try. I am very impressed with the OdorHog , our vent from the plumbing in the house would give off a pretty bad odor if the wind was just right. We installed the OdorHog and have not gave it another thought. I was looking for a fast fix and the OdorHog just fit the bill I hope that it will work as well in winter here in Montana as it can get chilly.

- Rick in MT

Thank you for your follow up. I installed both filters and haven't smelled and septic tank odors since.

- Kevin in NH

The vent pipe filters worked well.

- James in NY

worked just more odor. thanks

- Clellan in KY

The OdorHog s have been installed for about 2 months and seem to be taking care of the odor problem.

- Jeff in NE

Yes OdorHog did solve our problem, so much so that we recommended it to a friend in Brittany who also purchased one.

- Jim in France

I ordered the "OdorHog" vent pipe filter for our summer lake cabin. I had found your website by just doing a search for odors/septic tanks. We had put in a new septic last year at our cabin & we are only there on weekends in the summertime. It was explained to us that the sewer odor we smelled every weekend was caused by little use of the tank. It was explained that not enough bacteria were having a chance to form in the tank because it was not used enough. Therefore, the smells were coming back thru the vent pipe on the roof. After reading thru your website, I thought it would be worth a try. I ordered one & my husband installed it the following weekend. I'm very happy to say that there have not been any odors since. We can sit outside now & enjoy without having to move depending on which way the wind is blowing!! Hopefully, we won't have any problems next summer when we get back out to the lake.

Thank you.

- Rita in MN

I would just like to say thank you for the OdorHog vent pipe filters. We purchase a older farm house this spring and from the start was wondering about all the odors on the deck and even in the house if the windows were open. From talking to the past owners the odors have always been a problem and they just learned to live with it. After a quick search on the web. I ran across your OdorHog filters and decided to give them a try and to my surprise the odors are completely gone, what a simple solution.


- Fred in WA

I just wanted to let you know that I installed 3 of your filters (2 rooftop vents and one ground vent in the yard) almost two weeks ago. They began working IMMEDIATELY and I haven’t smelled ANY odor since that day. Prior to the installation of OdorHog, I would smell septic odor several times per day, on an every day basis (regardless of the time of day or season). This product is amazing! I am delighted that after 6 years I can truly enjoy the deck and yard areas of my property. I can honestly say that this is the best investment I have made in my home and it was surprisingly affordable and simple to install. Thank you for your great product!

- Bob in MA

The OdorHog worked as advertised. Install took about 5 minutes and all traces of septic stench immediately stopped. This great product has greatly improved the quality of our summer evenings.

- Joe in CO

Have had the unit installed for quite some time, i.e. June 2005, and apart from the very occasional whiff, I should say I am well pleased with the result. Serious downdraughts have continually induced the problem due to the location of the house, and the OdorHog certainly seems to be working as intended.

Kind regards

- Iain in the United Kingdom

We couldn't be happier! it's a miracle....the horrid septic odors are gone in our weekend fishing home. Being at the lower portion of the Sullivan County, NY Delaware River Valley, we couldn't figure-out why we were having the problem every morning and evening when the breeze blew down the hill.
We have a newly built log home with a new septic system, luckily we came upon your website while researching the odor problem...who knew the ODORHOG FILTER SYSTEM such a simple solution. Thanks!

- Nick and Stephen in NY

The OdorHog filters worked great. Solved our problem immediately. So glad we found you.

- Kathy in KY

I think the OdorHog filter solved the problem. Before installation we caught regular sewer smells outside the house. Since the installation, we have not had any sewer smells It seems to be working great. Thanks,

- Bob in TX

I fitted the OdorHog and completely forgot we ever had a problem in the first place!

- Mark in the United Kingdom

I had a sandfilter septic system installed in a new home in 2004. We occasionally smelled sewer gas outside in the back yard, (my back yard is about 4 acres). We went out on the back deck July 4th to watch the fireworks that are set off about a mile from our house and could smell the sewer gas. I went to the vent and stuffed an old bath towel into it hoping it would stop the smell. It did stop the smell but I found out later that it would also stop air from getting in to help the system operate. I saw the "OdorHog " after doing a search on the internet and even though it didn't mention it would work for septic systems I decided to buy it and try it out. Here it is the middle of September and no odor problems at all. Maybe you should advertise it to work for septic vents also. I did paint it green to match the grass, it's hardly noticeable, maybe you should think about camouflaging them. (ha)
Thanks for a great product.

- Doug in IL

Yes it works great...but if it is a very humid day I can get the smell a little bit...but it is soooooo much better than I would like to thank you for your great invention. Thanks

- Hiranth in NJ

Thank you for your interest in our reaction to your product. We're very happy we found you out over the Internet. The OdorHog vent pipe filter we purchased and installed gave us our deck back as it removed all odors emanating from our septic tank vent pipe. Not having been familiar with your product, we kept our fingers crossed but not for long as it proved to be as effective as advertised. No false advertising there for sure. Thank you

- Joseph in NY

The OdorHog did what I needed. I did not use as vent pipe filter on the top of a house. I used the OdorHog on the vent of a sewer tank which pumps from our rental cabin to the septic system 500' away. So far it has done what was expected.

- Nate in MT
www.Prospect Creek B & B

Last year when the wind was a certain direction we could smell the sewer gas at times. Since we installed the OdorHog we have not had that problem. I would say the two we installed are working just fine and are living up to there name..

- Jim in WI

I installed the OdorHogs on existing vents to remove that "evening" smell in the summer. So far I have not been able to smell or detect any odors associated with my septic tanks. Thanks.

- Robert in WY

I have in fact had the OdorHogs installed for a period of about three months. After trying several other methods to eliminate the odor from my septic tank, it was suggested to me, by a local septic company, that I try vent filters. As an engineer I was naturally very skeptical. As such, I went to the internet to research these devices. After reading a number of articles, I decided on your product. The problem appears to have been solved, and I am very satisfied with your product.

- Bruce in NV

Yes, it appears that the two OdorHog filters we ordered are doing the trick. We just got the second one installed today and we could immediately tell the difference in that we no longer smelled the odors as we did while installing it.. The front of our house is on Georgian Bay and the back of the house faces a large hill. We think the frequent winds off the water appeared to go up and over the house and then the hill trapped the wind and thus also kept the odors from going away from the house. So..........we hope this is a permanent solution and if it isn't, we will notify you. Have a good day and thank you,

- Barbara in TX

I've had them installed for just over a month now, so far so good! I really can't believe I put up with an odor problem for almost six years! Such an easy solution, a great product! Don't go away! Thanks!

- Scott in AZ

Yes, the OdorHog cut down drastically the offensive effluvium but I still get the odd whiff, which is probably coming from the two smaller vents. Nobody has heard of the problem around here and I think we are in a unique situation vis a vis wind and the position of a very large tree which hovers over the house. We are very pleased with the 4" "Hog" and would like to order two smaller ones: 1 for a 1.5" I.D. pipe, 1 for a 2" I.D. pipe

- Christopher in BC Canada

Consider it done!

It did solve the problem -- worked like a charm!

- David in ON Canada

I can honestly say that ever since I've installed the OdorHog s on my roof vents I have not had that offensive odor lingering around the outside of my house. Thank you very much for an easy to install and very wonderful product..

- Scott in CA

Yes, it worked well for us. It has been a wonderful, odor-free summer. Thanks.

- Mike in NY

We used an OdorHog on our cottage: and now our summer renters are enjoying the fresh summer air on our deck--just as they should be

- GD in CA

Dear OdorHog ,

Thank you for your product. We had a terrible septic odor problem outside our house & even sometimes inside, since I've installed the OdorHog the problem has totally disappeared. The product was very easy to install & works great. If I ever hear of anyone who has a septic odor problem I will definitely recommend your product.

- Jeff in MI

I have a cottage, on a small lake, in Central Ontario. I have had the cottage since it was new, 12 years ago. I have experienced odour from both of my plumbing vent stacks, since almost the beginning. I had twice, extended the height of the stacks, with some reluctance as the tall black pipes were unsightly. Neither extension was successful. It was my information that with a hill behind me, and another across the lake in front of me, proper ventilation was not always prevalent.

The Cottage Life magazine that I subscribe to, advertised a company in Lucknow, Ontario that produced and distributed a similar product. I contacted them, for further information about purchasing, but received no response..

A simple search of the Internet, found you. I wish I had found you 12 years ago. Your product has worked instantly for me. NO MORE ODOUR. I can't speak highly enough and will direct anyone with a similar complaint to look you up!

Having it shipped via UPS was a dream too as I received it within one week. Thank you again

- Randy in Canada

Sorry it has taken so long to reply. I want to tell you that the OdorHog filter has been terrific. We have a new state of the art septic system for small island properties, called Septi-Tech. It does, however, require a lot of ventilation. Since the system was brand new we knew it couldn't have been a problem with the system itself. After putting the OdorHog filter on, there's not even a hit of an odor. I highly recommend the filters to anyone. Thanks so much.

- Gerry in NH

Its a little hard to tell, in that I used a industrial strength liquid septic tank activator a couple of days prior to installing the OdorHog . However, the problem is 100% corrected, and its been some time since the liquid went in, so I must believe the vent is helping out considerably. It was a good experience dealing with you though, timely, good quality and no damaged freight etc....

- Mark in Canada

Thank you for following up on my purchase of your product. I had just built my new home in one of the most beautiful ridgetop locations in N.Cal. It was a surprise to my wife and I that our septic tank could create a sewer smell that would linger around our house in the mornings after our showers or in the evenings when we would sit on our porch enjoying the views (usually when the relative humidity was high). I was up in arms with what to do about it. After some web browsing on the subject I came across your site. Thank God.. Your product has solved our dilemma, we can now enjoy the beautiful country 24/7 without the bad smell. Thank you for creating the OdorHog!

- Rick & Sandra in CA

We've had the OdorHognow for about a month. Until I installed the unit (which could not have been easier) we periodically experienced strong septic odor, especially when we took showers or did laundry. I was worried about the smell as we began to plan my oldest stepson's graduation party that we were having at our home. Since I installed the OdorHogwe haven't had ANY smell whatsoever. I was worried that it might restrict air flow in the system and cause problems with drains going down but that hasn't been an issue. An inexpensive fix to a major pain! Thanks

- Warren in NY

Yes they worked. We can sit outside with no odor since they were installed.

- Christine & Peter in NY

So far, so good!

- Lynn in NH

It appears that the OdorHoghas solved our problem.

- Maureen in CT

So far, so good. It's usually certain weather conditions in the spring that cause our problem.

- Earl in VA

Yes it is working great. It fit perfectly, looks fine and best of all we haven't had the slightest smell since installing it. Before installing it we had smell almost every day, It's been a month and a half now odor free.

- Dave in Canada

The OdorHog vent pipe filter worked better than we ever imagined. Since it was installed, we have not had any foul smell in the yard. We were amazed that the solution was so simple. The smell was really unbearable. For a while, we believed we must be needing a new septic system. We were relieved to learn of the OdorHog product, that it could easily be installed over our vent pipe, and that it is really effective in eliminating septic odors. Thank you. This product is great!

- Debbie and Pat in CT

I installed (and painted to match my roof!) my new OdorHogs and they immediately solved our odor problem. It was so bad we couldn't be out on our new deck. We now have no detectable odor regardless of the wind or outside temperature. MY only complaint is that when I purchased my units I thought I read on the website that the charcoal was replaceable on all the units. However I now see that the 2" units are a throwaway design. Thanks for an innovative solution to a difficult and embarrassing problem.

- Michael in AR

To recall we used for the first time this OdorHogfilter on the 64m Pax/Roro Vessel which is running now somewhere in Holland and we found no problem nor complains from our technical guys and the owner of the vessel in fact this unit as what we observed it is still working better on the boat at present. We can assure that for the next coming projects we will continue to use this filter on our new build vessels.

- Rechel in Philippines

I installed your "OdorHog" immediately after delivery. They work absolutely GREAT!!! We live on the shore of Lake Superior and most times have an off shore breeze. Once in awhile with a strong enough breeze and from just the right direction septic odor would be blown down the bathroom exhaust fan vent. Also the odor would swirl around the house. The odor has been completely eliminated - I couldn't be happier. Thanks a bunch

- Bill in MI

So far, I am pleased with the results. They work as advertised. And if they don't fix the indoor problem, I will know I have to chase some sort of indoor plumbing issue. From what I understand, the OdorHog s might help isolate that problem, too.

- Larry in MT

Yes, the OdorHog did solve my problem!

- Kate in CA

I own a campground in Carrollton, Ohio and our bathroom facilities get a lot of use in a day. Once I installed the OdorHog on our vent pipes it completely solved my odor problem. I was skeptical at first but the filters solved my commercial odor problem. I will look forward to doing business with you in the future.

- Brandon in OH

So far, so good with the filter. I did not notice any odors after installing the filter. In fact, I even stuck my nose in the vent just to make sure.

- Val in NH

The OdorHog system is working better than I ever thought. We have five sewer vents on the roof and a parapit which holds in the sewer gas odor. Our air conditioners, also on the roof, recirculate 40% of the outside air and had been pulling the sewer gas smell into our office. We are a physician's office and that smell was not conducive to patient care. We tried a variety of different remedies to no avail. The minute we put the OdorHog s on they started working immediately.
Thank you!

- Charlene, North Scottsdale Family Medicine, AZ

Having moved into our new built house two years ago, there has been a constant difficulty with odours coming from the vent pipes, especially as we have a dormer, the odour was coming in through the Velux windows upstairs, at times it has been foul. I tried all the additives, granules etc. and the difference was minimal, if at all. I installed your product at the Bio plant vent and the vent on the house. It has been absolutely successful, I am amazed that something so simple could cure what was previously an impossible problem. Kind regards

- Chris in Ireland

Good Morning....we installed the unit about 2 weeks ago and so far we have not detected any odor from the vent pipe, seems to be doing the trick.. once again we can enjoy our deck without the worry of embarrassing septic odors... thank you....

- John in NH

Thanks for the follow up interest in our results with your OdorHog product . We can't begin to tell you how thankful we are for these three OdorHog vents we installed. Night and day ! No smell what so ever.........................not even a trace . I would never have believed the results had I not known first hand the foul smell that always seemed to linger and then was gone. I am usually quite the skeptic when someone trys to tell me this or that may work for whatever. Anyways we have had a miracle cure...........

- Rick Carrie and family in MT

I received the OdorHogfilter and installed it the same day. That was the end of the odor problems. We are now able to sit on the patio and enjoy it without the foul odor from the septic tank. Many thanks.

- Tom in ON-Canada


We are so very thankful and extremely happy to have gotten rid of the smell that was ruining our back yard enjoyment. We couldn't sit and enjoy our Spa and that was really getting to all of us. We had built this beautiful new home and in a truly fantastic location and found we had an odor problem that was taking away the pleasure of the great outdoors. Thank you for inventing such a truly remarkable product. We are customers for life.

- Bruce & Kandis in OR

We just put our OdorHog s on today and "voila" the odor was gone. Bless you! We are having a big church potluck dinner tomorrow in our carport and yard and we were very concerned about the odor in our yard. I called the 800 number on Tues. and they were shipped Weds. and we received them Friday and we are now ready for our Memorial Day Weekend party. What a relief! We are going to recommend them to our neighbors. We all live here Highlands, NC. at about 4000 ft elevation and we have winds that whip up our mountainsides and so it is a problem in this community. What a wonderful invention. Thankyou, Thankyou!

- Anne and David in NC

The OdorHog worked great. I recommend the OdorHog for any business that experience unsightly odors. If you want to put us on your web site our website is:

- Bryan in NE

Yes, OdorHog DID solve our problem! We are very pleased and we would highly recommend it to people. We have put up with septic odor for too many years and when our daughter announced she wanted to get married in our field, we had to do something! After a search on the Internet, we found OdorHog and decided to give it a try. We are so glad we did - wish we had found you sooner! Thank you!!

- Dick and Kathy in NH

We used the OdorHog on our home vent pipe. Before we installed the filter, there were very few times when you could be outside and anywhere close to the house without smelling the septic odor. Since its been installed- absolutely not even a hint of odor- thanks for the product- one thing that seems to be a negative for you is that it was only available to us through the internet, no one has ever heard of such a thing, and it seems to me that if(sic) it was in stores in would be helpful, ie Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc.. before we found this filter, we asked several contractors, plumbers and other professionals and everyone basically told us that the odor was something that just happened sometimes and we'd just have to live with it.

We are always trying to educate the contractor and plumbing communities that you do not have to "live with it (the odors)". We are also actively trying to get into the Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc.

- Tammy in VA

Thank you OdorHog . We had recently moved into a brand new house and while it was fabulous we kept smelling a foul odor whenever we took two showers, ran the washing machine and took a shower, or ran the dishwasher and washing machine back to back. It was bad enough on some occassionas that I would wake up at night if the window was open. It was worst on calm warm humid nights/days.

I am happy to report that ever since we got the OdorHog on the roof we are able to enjoy coffee on the deck in the morning after taking a shower odor free. I'll update you again once the summer is over to let you know if I was able to sleep peacefully.

Able to have a drink on the deck in E. Boothbay, ME

- Hakan in ME

Hello. Yes your product did solve the odor problem for our vacation rental cabin. Please put our link on your website. Bryan Burrell. owner of Bullion Creekside Retreat in Marysvale, Utah. Our link is

- Bryan in UT

We installed the three OdorHog 's shortly after receiving them (about two months ago). Prior to this we had tried just about everything including vent pipe extensions, additives, etc. without any positive results. Our house is located on Drummond Island, Michigan in the northern reaches of Lake Huron, and we have significant wind shifts all the time which probably only adds to the problem of consistent dissipation of septic system gases (although the odor is always consistent when we decide to have a cookout on our lake-side deck!).

The performance of the OdorHog 's is absolutely spectacular! They have totally eliminated any and all odors from the vent pipes, regardless of the wind direction, humidity and/or air temperature. Just a note: I ordered my OdorHog 's larger (4 inch OdorHog to cover a 3 inch vent pipe) as I felt that the larger surface area could reduce back-pressure that might be possible. I also took your advice and purchased the black OdorHog 's as we do have very low temperatures during the winter months on the island.

In closing: You have a great product! It has surpassed my greatest expectations. I will (already have) recommended it to friends and neighbors. I'd love to represent a company such as yours, that delivers more in their product than advertised.

- David in MI

We moved into our 40 year-old house last fall when it was still quite warm here in AZ. However, we could not run our evaporative cooler because it carried with it the foul odor from the septic pipe. After doing a little research on the internet, I stumbled across the OdorHog . I am not one to buy something without first hand knowledge that it will do what it is advertised to do, but I was DESPERATE!! So I took a chance and ordered the OdorHog . INSTANANEOUSLY it worked!! I could not believe it!! We are now running our evaporative cooler without ANY septic odor. Thanks for a GREAT product!

- Genia in AZ

Two winters have gone by in our Northern Ontario climate and the OdorHog is still working one hundred per cent. We are so grateful to have this. It was worth every penny - a cheap price to pay for total satisfaction.

- Brian and June in North Bay, Ontario Canada

Dear OdorHog :

We ordered your product 2 weeks ago and from the first minute it was attached, the foul smell was gone! We went up on the roof (with OdorHog in hand) and confirmed (again) that the smell was clearly coming from the roof pipe - as the OdorHog was attached, the smell immediately ceased. Before OdorHog , it had always been a habit for us when we went outside to look and smell for the source of the awful septic odor. After OdorHog , we still can't help but look and smell for the bad odor, but now it is truly gone ... it will be a habit we will be happy to break :) What more can be said? THANK YOU!!!!!

- Renee in NY

The filters have been installed and eliminated the odor we were experiencing on our deck. Thank you so much!

- Mel and Sharon in MO

The OdorHog vent pipe filter took care of our odor problem the day my husband installed it. In January moved into our cabin on the side of a mountain very near the top. Every day for 6 weeks we could smell a horrible odor. At first we thought our septic lines were seeping. Then we thought it must be a neighboring cabin's sewer line. Not so, the odor was coming from our vent pipe. After researching online I found the OdorHog filter. The filter arrived a few days after ordering it. Thanks for a great product that really works. And it only took a few minutes to install. :)

- Grace and Bob in NC

Dear Sirs, I received the OdorHog vent filter and installed it in short order. It is working well even in Alaska. No more foul smell from the roof. Thanks very much.

- Greg in AK

So far so good. We've had the OdorHoginstalled for two weeks now and I can't smell any septic odor. Also, the OdorHogdesign is very nice and is a great improvement on our home made version.

I have only one question for future reference. How do you dismantle the OdorHogwhen it is time to replace the activated carbon.

Thanks very much,

- Wil in BC Canada

Will, please see FAQ #5
Pull the metal cap off gently, reach into the unit, grab the carbon bag, dispose of carbon bag, insert new replacement bag, and reinstall metal cap.

I installed it last week and as of the date of this e-mail, there is no detectable odor.

- Leo in VA

Dear people at OdorHog:

We have had your vent pipe filter on our home for the past three years and it has worked beyond what we ever thought it would. We never smell any odor outside or in the house anymore. It was easy to install and stayed in place. We are ordering more for back up now even though we still don't need another yet. Thank you for making delivery to Canada so easy.

Your appreciative customer,

- Deb in ON Canada

Well its 2005 and we decided that it was probably time to replace our has been working great for nearly 3 years! Snow, sleet, rain, high winds, you name it. I called about the screen on my old one being inadequate and you guys (as always) treated me right on my next purchase. Thanks!!!!

- Matt in NH

We had suffered the awful odor for five years without any idea how to solve the problem. Finally a local contractor clued us in to the idea of vent filters and I found your site on the web. After installing two OdorHog vents the smell is gone! Even on the coldest days when the odor use to be at its peak there is no more stink. Thank you OdorHog .

- Debra in NH

We installed a 2nd Bath in our home this fall and immediately a started to have horrible sewer gas smell spew from the outside stack. No one seemed to know how to correct the problem short of outrageous things like adding a second septic or digging up concrete patio to install a trap underground.

We found your site through We posted a question and someone who had used your product clued us in.

We ordered and installed you product 3 weeks ago. I am happy to say NO MORE SMELL!!!!!. Thank-you OdorHog . The product worked as quickly as you said. Just pop it on the stack and POOF, odor is gone.

- Kathy in NY

Yes, the OdorHog works fantastic! No more septic odors! We can actually sit outside and not have that awful odor. Thank you.

- Patty in AZ

They seem to be doing the job.

The foul odor is gone.

I have 3 vent pipes and put 1 device on each vent pipe.

- Richard in NJ

The filters solved our problem.

- Richard in KY

We have not been out on our deck much lately - cold here in MD. But - so far so good as we can tell! I used to be able to smell it even in the front of my house. The pipe is on the backside of the roof! So far - no "poopy" smell. Thanks! It was soooo embarrassing at our Halloween party. It smelled gross out there!

- Julie in MD

I installed the OdorHog three days ago, and since, I've yet to smell any malodorous scents wafting over my front yard where the problem was at its worst! I was skeptical that it would work but I have no choice but to fix the problem as we are having our wedding here in the spring.

- Mike in CO

After installation, we noticed a total elimination of odors around the exterior of the house; however, we still detected the odor, albeit reduced, in the interior of the house, especially in the basement, and primarily after considerable water usage. After about another week and a half or two, we suddenly realized that there was no odor at all, inside or out, and even after extensive water use.

Prior to installing the units, I had attributed the frequency intensity of the odor to the weather i.e.....cooler temperatures with a low barometric pressure. We certainly have had those condition over the past two weeks, but still no odor. The units seem to be doing a great job.

Thanks for developing the product,

- Charles in OH

Thanks to the OdorHog filters I now have odor free use of my deck! They worked as advertised and I am a very satisfied customer.

Thank You,

- Bill in NC

We've had the OdorHogs on now for about a month and they have basically solved the odor problem outside. The only problem we had was with the 3" hog. We did have to empty the bag of carbon into the filter because the hydrogen sulfide was escaping through air gaps around the bag. We even tried to flatten the bag but that didn't work. However, once we poured the carbon in the odor dissipated. There is now no odor outside at any side of the house. The smell we had inside was a bad toilet wax ring. The hogs increased the odor inside because of the restricted air flow, but the smell wasn't the OdorHogproblem. It was a plumbing problem that has been fixed. In fact, the restricted air flow helped us locate where the odor was originating as it emphasized the problem. But outside is a major difference from before. We tried extending the vent pipes but that didn't work because our house is on the side of a mountain, in a bowl shaped valley. So air currents tend to move over the hills and in a downward manner thus causing the problem of the flow of odors, which was usually down around the house. Again, the hogs work great, thank you.

- Tom in NM

OdorHog worked for us! We purchased a new home 2 years ago, and we added a large deck with a hot tub. To our dismay, when we sat & relaxed in the hot tub, we were bombarded by a horrible sewer odor. We were so embarrassed we did not want to invite friends over to share our new deck & hot tub.

Now that we have installed the OdorHog , our embarrassing problem has been solved and we are now thoroughly enjoying our new home! Thanks for a great product!

- Gary & Tracey in MA

Its been two weeks now since I installed the OdorHogfilters and I've yet to smell the sewer gas that used to constantly be outside my house. We just bought this home last August, and we were unfamiliar with this problem that occurs around mountain homes. I had the septic pumped and flushed before I found out about the OdorHog . I asked the guy from the septic pumping company about this problem and his response was that everyone complains about it. He said some people reduce the problem by flushing "20 Mule Team Borax" down the toilet. It was only after I did an internet search about the problem that I found out about your product. Like I said, two weeks have gone by, and I've yet to smell it. Prior to the installation of your product, I smelled it every day outside my home.

- Michael in CA


- Cliff in WA

It has made a difference. Your service was excellent (You went above & beyond) & I will recomend your OdorHog to other people.... Thank You so much for help!

- Dave in Ontario, Canada

OdorHog is a minor miracle, one of those simple but thoroughly effective modern inventions in the same league as duct tape and Velcro! You have no idea how demoralized we were by the foul ripe smells constantly seeping from our roof vents. We spent two long years investigating our mortifying little problem, trial-and-error'ing our way through some pretty hefty plumber bills, with NO results. It wasn't just a foul smell, it was a toxic olfactory phenomenon that could level a grown man! Whoaa! We had no idea there was a fast, easy, cheap solution out there awaiting us on the internet. What can I say-- our house smells like a house again, not an OUT-house. Thanks OdorHog !

- Hampton, in NM

The OdorHogs have worked very well for us. We were a bit nervous at first ordering them from the US and them getting here but they arrived exactly the day we were told they would. My husband took awhile to put them on the vents but as soon as he did the smell was gone. We had just moved into our new house and it was nearly perfect except for the odor from the vents on our roof. We found OdorHogs on the internet and now our near perfect dream home is perfect. Thank You OdorHogs

- Lori Ontario Canada

My brother (see Thomas in Massachusetts testimonial) recommended the OdorHog. My deck has been odor-free since the moment of installation--and a very easy installation at that. Thanks for a great, affordable solution to what was an on-going problem. We'll continue to spread the word!

- Karen in Massachusetts


- Rosendo, in TX

Well I finally installed it today, & it seems to have done the job.My back yard doesn't stink anymore.

- Richard, a plumber in AZ

I have 2 OdorHogunits on my roof now, and there is no longer any odor at all from our septic vents. Thank you so much for handling this product. It works. We live out in the country and I am telling all my neighbors and friends about your product. It actually made our new deck useable this past summer. Last year we had to come inside on several occasions because the odor became so strong. Now there is none. Thank you.

- Janet in MN

Yes! The OdorHog vent pipes solved our problem. We have had them in place for about five weeks, and the area around our home is odor free. We are very pleased with your product. We live in the southern Appalachian mountains at an elevation above 4,000 feet, which is high for us easterners. Down drafts on our house are common. We had been very concerned because we frequently were unable to enjoy the large deck across the back of our new home. But OdorHog saved the day! Thanks again for such a great product and your follow through.

- Kirk in NC

I am getting back to you to let you know that we are very pleased with the device we bought from you. It's been over 2 weeks now and we still have not smelled the system, something that we were experiencing almost every other day. We have many people on septics here in Juneau and I will definitely spread the word about how this has worked for us. Thanks

- Rowan in AK

They were very effective!

- Lee in CO - with a construction firm

Our house is located on top of a steep ridge and we get a lot of down drafts as the wind direction changes frequently. We were getting a terrible odor from our sewage system's roof vent when ever there was a down draft which happened almost daily. Thanks to the OdorHog we have not experienced any odor since it's been installed. Thank you.

- Mike in PA

At the end of the summer I installed a new plastic septic tank to replace an old metal tank. The new tank is twice the size of the old one and the pitch to the field was increased due to the location of the outlet on the new tank. Somehow, this created an odor from our roof vents that we had never experienced before. I installed two OdorHog filters a few days ago, just after morning showers, etc. An odor was present as I climbed the ladder to the roof and absent on my deline, after installation. I have noticed no odor since. Thanks for a simple and inexpensive solution to a problem that I feared would be expensive and complex.

- Glyn in PA

Yes, they appear to have done the trick. My wife and I recently boughta house high on a hill in Estes Park, Colorado. We began noticing a very unfriendly septic smell all around the deck coming from the septic vents on the roof, especially on cloudy days. A septic guy came out and said our system was fine, and recommended either enzymes or carbon filters. I did some research on enzymes and decided to go with the filters instead. The smell went away five minutes after they were installed. Unfortunately, we began noticing a bad septic smell in thehouse coming from one of the toilets. I took it apart, and reinstalled a new wax ring. It looked like the original installers never got an airtight seal, but it was not noticeable before (the caulk around the toilet held the smell in), until the OdorHogs added just enough resistance to let the smell come out around the toilet base. Anyway, since I fixed that last week, we have not had any smells inside or outside the house, so we are quite happy so far. Thanks,

- Mark in CO

So far, so good..

- Danny in AR

We did install the OdorHog s. We couldnt wait for the next morning to check them out to see if they worked. The next morning when we awoke there was absolutely NO smell in our house. We were amazed. It really did remove the smell. The smell had been so bad before that we were thinking of relocating until we solved the problem. We live in a town outside of Orlando and we are on septic and after getting the septic cleared and pumped the smell had gotten worse so we thought lets try the OdorHogs o we ordered 6 of them to make sure every vent had one. I am so grateful for this product. Thanks for inventing it.

- James in FL

Yes, Whata great product! The result was immediate. We are enjoying our backyard all day long. Thank you

- Terry in CO

HI, I recently received a 3" filter for my plumbing works awesome! I also ordered the replacement carbon for the 3" unit. However, I didn't find any instructions for replacing the carbon. I was wondering how this is done. Please provide this info so I can make the replacement when the time is right.

- Joe in NH

Joe: You simply lift off the metal cap, (may take some tugging) reach into the filter housing grab the carbon bag, throw away and then insert the replacement carbon bag. Put the cap back on and you are done.

We ordered your product a year ago and were concerned that our Northern Ontario Winters might affect the promised results: glad to say since the day of installation, no more smells - absolutely none, through the four seasons. We are very, very pleased with the results.

- B. & J. Smith, North Bay, Ontario

We installed the OdorHog in April of this year and have not noticed any odors since. We were skeptical at first but have been VERY impressed. Thank you so much for such a simple fix to an embarrassing problem!

- Lisa in NH

The OdorHog s were attached to a modular office building which is serviced by a native American sewer utility. This utility has a history of significant odor problems, but we have smelled nothing since the installation.

-Pastor Eugene in AZ

I purchased two OdorHog s this summer. Following our complete remodeling project which included a new septic system, sewer odor was present from two roof vent pipes. Depending upon the wind, the odor would occur on our deck making outdoor events impossible.Now, we are able to use the deck at any time and are enjoying our "new house" free from embarrassment. Thank you,

-Dr. Kurt in WI

The OdorHog has completely cleared up our problem.

-Timothy in Wilmington, MA

My home is situated on a hillside and the septic odour was at times unbearable. I found your company on the internet and, desperate for a solution, decided to gamble on OdorHog. My order was promptly shipped (to Canada) and wonder of works. My scepticism has disappeared and I ordered another to complete the coverage for the vents. Thank you OdorHog!!

-Stu from British Columbia

Yes , the filter seems to have solved my problem . Thank you

-Stephen in NY

Your product was easy to use and solved my septic tank odor problem completely. Thank-you!

-Todd in NH

I waited awhile to reply just to make sure because the problem had been quite intermittent, but so far so good. We're very pleased! Thanks.

-Jorinda in VT

In May 2004 I ordered and installed (in a hurry!) one of your OdorHogs for a roof top vent. I had a backyard get-together planned for the next day, and was not looking forward to my guests smelling that awful smell. I was able to install it myself, very simple, except for being so high on a ladder! The filter worked immediately,, and there hasn't been a trace of the nasty smell all summer. What a relief!!! Thank you more than you can imagine for your products!

-Joanne in Cold Spring NY

The odor comes back when my wife does the laundry, but the constant odor is gone gone gone, I think we will try to run a separate line from the washer to the leach field that should take care of the problem. Thank you

-Denis in NC

OdorHog filters work great. I have the not uncommon problem of a house on a hill top with a prevailing wind that carries roof vent pipe odors down to our deck. It stunk. OdorHog fixed the problem. We can enjoy our deck in peace once again. Thanks OdorHog.

-Paul (retired NASA engineer) in CA

The unit worked great. I had just spent $3,000 on a new septic field and could not understand why I stepped out my back door to smell sewer gas every morning. At first I thought it was coming from under the deck where the septic tank is located but the order was worse above the deck than below. After searching the internet and discovering the true source of the problem, I was more than willing to try your solution. It took me longer to get the ladder out and climb onto the roof than it did to install the OdorHog. My wife even thinks it looks better than just the pipe stub sticking out of the roof.

-Greg in MI

Well after 2 months I am happy to say that we are odor free. This is remarkable because the stench coming from our vent pipe was often overwhelming. But, since using OdorHog I have yet to smell anything from our vent pipe. It was easy to install and looks nice on the roof. Many thanks to OdorHog for allowing us to enjoy our beautiful yard without the periodic interruption of bad gas!!!

-Bo in CT

Howdy, Please do use our testimonial! We are so excited. We just completed our pool and are looking forward to having lots of friends over, and now we don't have to worry if they will notice the smell coming from the roof! The OdorHog filter did solve the stinky problem. It just took a second to install. Our dogs are in the yard all day and I know they are grateful too! Thanks for making a product that is so simple and works so well!

-F. and A. Lyssy, TX

The OdorHog has seemed to solve the problem. I put them on the day I got them and pooof, no more odor!!!

-Don in Tulsa, OK



Your filters seem to have solved our problem. They installed easily, no problem, and our smells are gone. Thanks!

-Tony in Alto, NM

The OdorHogs we ordered a few weeks ago have completely solved a long standing problem we've had with septic odor. We are completely satisfied with our purchase and would heartily recommend OdorHogs to anyone who wishes to be rid of septic tank odor.

-Howard H. in Idaho

Yes they did solve the problem. Thanks

-Todd W. in Washington State

It did, thank you. I will want to add another one at some time. But the prevailing wind sends the other's odors away most of the time. We had a lovely party on our back deck with no odor! Thank you.

-Jan P. in Minnesota

I am a British expatriate who retired to Cyprus in April 2002 and moved into a newly built bungalow 9 months ago. I soon found that as soon as there was a moderate south westerly wind, the air turbulence caused fumes from the vent from the septic tank to drift across the patio, especially when the bathroom or washing machine was being used. The fumes were particularly bad when the temperature went above 90 ° F. I searched for a filter locally without success and was fortunate to find your Company after a Google search on the Internet. Your website proved informative and I liked the way that International shipping costs were updated each time I added something to my shopping basket. The filter took just 7 days to reach Cyprus and less than 5 minutes to fit. The filter is well constructed and the 2" clamp on model easily fitted the European 5cm pipe. Most importantly, it works! Thank you so very much. I have already placed an order for another filter to fit on a second vent pipe.

-Alan in the county of Cyprus

Greetings, my wife and I purchased a nearly-new home on a hillside here in Durango, CO. About 5 weeks ago we started noticing a foul sulfur type smell in the evening hours coming from outside. I checked the septic system for problems and could find nothing wrong. The source of the odor eluded us for weeks until I found the OdorHog website. After reading about gas pipes and air currents I ordered two and installed them this week. For the first time in months we can sleep with our windows open! Thanks OdorHog !

-Mike in Durango

Another satisfied customer! We have a camp in the Thousand Island in Upstate New York where the air is always fresh with the breeze off the river . We were haunted by the foul smell of septic gas from the vent pipe and am totally pleased by the results of the OdorHog and its immediate cure to the problem. As I was installing the OdorHog , the odor was very strong on the roof of our cottage, and when I placed it on top of the vent pipe the odor was gone. Now we are back to enjoying our summertime get togethers with fresh air and not septic gas.

-Jeff & Deanna Marra, Watertown NY

We recently built our house in the country and after a few months we started smelling an odor.  We thought it might be a feed lot that is a few miles away.  One day when the wind wasn't blowing from that direction and still had the smell we realized it was out septic.  We were going to have family come visit us and didn't want them to experience the smell.  I ordered the OdorHog and installed them.  The smell instantly went away!!!! Thank You for curing our problem.

-Joe & Hilary L., Nunn, Colorado

My wife and I built a log home in the side of a hill. For three years we have smelled septic odors while out on the deck. We've had friends over for outside cookouts and they've smelled it too (thank goodness they're still friends). I thought about raising the vent pipe, but after some mental calculations I figured it would have to be raised 20 ft to avoid the thermal currents coming from the top of the hill. OdorHog has solved the problem.Thanks.

-Brian Buttermore

They work great. What is the expected lifespan? Are they rebuildable? I am quite amazed that such a simple thing can make such a vast improvement. We felt quite confident to schedule a barbecue Saturday evening on our deck about 10 feet from the pipe stack. Could not do that with confidence previously for 4 years.

Happy customer

-Bob G., Warrenton, Virginia

Bob: The lifespan depends on how much gas the system puts out. Home applications can last from 2 to 5 years, depending on use, and amount of chlorine in waste water. Commercial applications generally last less. Yes, they are rechargeable. We now offer replacement carbon for the 3" and 4" models.

I have had my OdorHog filters installed for about two weeks now. So far, there has been no odor. Last year, the odor was really bad. It is great to be able to walk around the yard and not have the sewer smell. OdorHog filters are wonderful. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has this problem.

-George P.

Hello OdorHog folks!

Well, I am literally amazed at how the OdorHog filter has completely eliminated the sewer smell from outside our home. We live in Nova Scotia, Canada and have just recently installed the filter. We purchased it in January, but with the snow and ice on our roof we didn't get around to it until a couple of weeks ago. We have been in our home for almost two years. It was brand new when we purchased it and we immediately noticed a sewer smell from our vent pipe. The builder tried raising the pipe, adding a 45 degree angle pipe to it, etc. to change the way the wind hit the pipe but nothing worked. I was absolutely frustrated and was truly ready to sell the house because of the disgusting smell. However, if anyone could smell it when viewing, they certainly wouldn't buy it! After researching on the Internet, my husband and I stumbled upon the OdorHog. Thank God!!! It will be so nice this year to go outside onto our deck and enjoy barbeques and family get togethers without the embarrassing worry of septic gas! The OdorHog filter was money well spent and I would certainly recommend your product to anyone!


-Jamie & Penny A.

It was installed a couple days after arriving here. We had two vents. The larger 4" vent over the bathrooms was covered with a [competitor's] charcoal filter several months ago and odors were still very prevalent and disturbing. When the smaller vent over the kitchen was covered with the OdorHog, 95% of the septic fumes disappeared immediately. I will be ordering your product again when its life has expired. Thanks,

-Gary B., NY

I installed your filter. I have not had any odors since then. Thanks for a product so simple that works.

-Randy G.

To Whom This May Concern; I put the OdorHog filters on the day after I received them, and have enjoyed the outdoors ever since. They work GREAT!!!

-Lawrence O., New Mexico

Another success story for the OdorHog . We just installed a new high tech septic system near our new beautiful tropical pool at our Captiva Island, Florida vacation rental home. The fumes were, off and on, very unpleasant causing a few weeks of unhappy guests. The OdorHog, installed on the house vents as well as the septic vent, totally solved the problem. We're very happy and the guests don't even know a septic system is nearby!

-Larry H,

Your OdorHogs did exactly as advertized!! We live on a hilltop and the wind would come over the roof and bring the gases from the roof vents right down into the yard. It was hard to work outside in the yard some days when the wind was just right. But now... It makes no difference what direction the wind is blowing, we haven't had any odors at all since we installed the OdorHogs! Thanks again for your great product.

-Al M., Cocolalla, ID

I have not smelled the odor since I put the filter on. I have a friend having the same problem. So I told him to order some of the filters.

-Ronnie D.

The OdorHog is doing great! Just like its suppose to!

-Sherri D.

Yep, it worked great. I've already recommended it to friends with a similar problem (with their septic vents I mean!). Thanks.


Took bit more than just the Hog. However, the OdorHog helped us resolve the problem. We had a smell outdoors... so thought may be possible for the outdoor odor to be comming into a small bathroom via the exhaust vent in that room. After we installed the Hog... we still had the smell... ended up being the trap for the lavatory was being sucked dry when the toilet at the far end of the home was flushed..... so I installed a larger, drum type trap in the cellar for that lavatory.... and now... success. We have no odors either outdoors or in the small bathroom. We have a summer guest home on the property... at times we get odors from that system when sitting outdoors.... so.... needless to say.... will be ordering another Hog for that home.

Without the Hog... would not have been able to isolate and resolve our problem.... so it certainly did the job.

Thank You.....

-Roland B..... New Gloucester, ME

Got my vent stack on and with my wife's (our's) first big test with a huge wash, it was odorless. Maybe the wind was wrong but it was a calm day so could not have been a better test. Will give it a HIGH recommend to any in our rural, septic area where we live. Installed in less than 3 mins; took me that long to get a stepladder and climb onto the low side of our in hill home. Best regards,



NO ODOR problems after wash #5 so the Vent gets an A+.

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For more info, email for visit, the Website

Hello, The OdorHog did not work in our situation, but I wanted to comment on the customer service we received when we informed the company that it did not work. We received a follow up phone call immediately after emailing with our problem. We were offered some advice on installation and when that did not work, we returned the device for a full refund. The person we talked to was professional, and courteous, and we had no problems whatsoever getting our refund. While it may not have worked specifically for us, with that kind of customer service, why not give it a try? Thank you for a refreshing sense of customer service!


In the summer time we have no problem with septic odor. In the cool weather and through the winter months we always would get a septic smell everytime we went outside. We have a hill on the Northwest side of our property with a lot of pine trees. I figured this changed the air current somehow and affected the flow of the air around the house. I purchased your OdorHog last year and since then we don't have any more foul septic smell. THANKS.

This thing really works !!!

-Pete D., Norwalk, CT

The OdorHog Filters were easily installed the day I received them, one week ago. Since they were installed I have not detected any of the odors which had been bothering us all winter. If they function for a significant period of time they will be well worth the purchase price. Your customer service has been excellent. I recommend your product to anyone who has odor problems from their waste-pipe-vents.

-BWW, Holly Pond, AL

We installed an OdorHog filter approximately 6 months ago to try to correct an odor problem we had with our septic system. Due to a unique downdraft created by breezes across a hill in back of our house we were frequently experiencing bad odors on our deck and around the house. Not being able to do anything about the hill we decided to try your OdorHog filter. Currently, to this date, we have not had the slightest hint of any odor. We would certainly recommend to anyone having an odor problem with their septic system that they first try your filter, as it is a reasonably priced solution to most septic odor problems. Thanks.

-Dave, Fairplay, CO

Prior to installing the OdorHog s, we were constantly overwhelmed by offensive sewer odors emanating from the vent pipes on our roof. After installing your product, I'm very pleased to report that the odors have completely disappeared! I can now sit outside in my hot tub without having to smell the offensive gases. Thanks very much for creating such a great product.

-Sid and Karen, New Mexico

We built our home 5 yrs ago and we have had a septic smell from the beginning - we treated the septic with yeast and with purchased products and the smell kept wafting in. We had a large party and that smell - yikes - bar-b-q's on the deck were depending on how the wind blew. I finally found OdorHog Filter and we purchased it and put it on the day it came in the mail and we have not had a smell ever since - Thank you very much! I will recommend it everyone that I notice that needs it!

-Tami and Andy, Tillamook, OR

This worked. I had changed my septic tank and still had the odor problem when the wind and conditions were just right. I learned an expensive lesson about roof vents for septic systems. I waited a bit before writing since I was skeptical but sure enough the odor is gone. Thanks Alot!

-Bob M., Upstate New York

YES THEY WORK!  We are so pleased with the immediate results. We've lived in our new home for 4 months and our contractor didn't know what to do except to extend the roof vents. It looked ridiculous and it didn't work. As soon as we got the OdorHog filters, my husband installed them. And it's been 5 days with no embarrasing odors. I can't wait to invite some friends over!

-Luana M. in Hawaii

The smell was there and now it's gone. Good deal.

-Charlie W., in New York

OdorHog has completely eradicated an awful stench which was keeping our family from using our new outdoor hot tub. The company was very pleasant and efficient in helping us find and obtain the proper size devices (we had to exchange one device as we measured the wrong pipe). We are extremely pleased with the experience and result of our interactions with OdorHog.

-Cathy & Tom, Falmouth, Maine

We are breathing much easier. We have 4 mobile homes on our property that we rent out. I received many complaints about the septic odor and spent a lot of time checking for leaks in the system.

I installed 10 OdorHogs on the 4 homes and the order was stopped immediately. Our village is upscale and this really helped the air quality match the type of park we have.

They are worth every penny and I highly recommend OdorHogs to anyone with septic vent odor problems. Thanks for your help,

-Bob Layman, Parkview Village
663 Northview Rd.
Marshfield, MO 65706

OdorHog truly solved our problem. We had an odor in our side yard that no one could figure out. Since our propane tank is in that part of the yard, we were convinced that we had a major propane problem. We had the propane company and the fire department look for propane fumes, they found nothing. Out of desperation, we hired an environmental engineer, who suggested that our problem could be as simple as fumes from our septic system coming out of our roof vent and settling in the courtyard formed by our side yard and the garage.

After some research, we installed an OdorHog, and yes it eliminated the odor. We're quite satisfied with product.

-Robert & Beatrice in Henniker, NH

We moved into our house one year ago and noticed a strong septic odor in the fall and winter. Plumbers tried extending the vent pipe. When this didn't work, they blamed the neighbors for having a full septic tank. Finally, they suggested digging down to our septic tank and installing a main trap. Thank goodness we found you before all that money was wasted. When I found your website, I was relieved to find that we weren't the only ones to have this problem and that there was a low cost cure. After receiving our OdorHog, I climbed up on the roof to install it. There was a strong odor on the roof at the time. I installed the OdorHog in mere seconds and the odor was completely gone before I could climb off the roof! It's been several weeks now and no odors (even though we are experiencing the same weather conditions that gave us the odor last year).

Can't thank you enough.

-Jeff Y. in Illinois

Hi, We built a new Victorian style house with tall, steep roofs and moved in May. Everything was wonderful until Autumn, and then the smells were terrible. Your product completely stopped the problem! And another wonderful thing is how easy they were to install. Our roof is very steep and spending much time up there installing something would probably take a professional, but my husband only had to climb up and slip them over the vent pipe. Thank you very much.

-Melba in Virginia

We're on a hillside and were experiencing some pretty rank odors in the morning and evening.  Since I installed 6 OdorHog s, all we can smell are the pine trees around the house.  Thanks guys.

-Chris and Gillian in California


-Donna in Michigan.

Yes, the OdorHog vent pipe filters did solve my problem. We used to get a very strong septic smell in our backyard but now nothing. Thank you for a great looking and quality product. We live on a hill and this seems to be when you encounter more of the problem with smell coming from vent pipes. We liked that you had three different sizes that make a custom fit. We used three of the three inch diameter OdorHog s. Yours Truly,

-John K. in Roscoe, New York

My wife and I have recently moved into our new home that has a 15x30 deck off the back that overlooks our inground pool. At first I thought it was just a little funky and wasn't that bad but after a couple of outdoor parties and a few complaints I knew I had to do something so I found the OdorHog online, real easy to put on, and the rest is clean air history! This product did the job right the first time, was a relief to know I wasn't going to have to try a couple of solutions to fix the problem.

-Thomas in Massachusetts

I bought my house in December of '98. The prior owners had just replaced the septic system. My wife and I noticed right after we moved in this smell and had both the town and contractor who replaced the system back to check it out. We were told the system was fine and that the smell was probably from the home next door and the smell was getting caught in the corner of home (just happens to be where everyone entered my house). Nice first impression! Last Spring, I had my system cleaned and was speaking to the gentleman who suggested it was coming from my vent and that they had a charcoal filter out there that could solve this. But wasn't sure where to get it. He suggested I either extend the vent pipe or contact someone about the charcoal filter. I tried for a few months and got nowhere. Finally in September, I searched online and THERE YOU WERE! I ordered ODORHOG! I have not smelled a thing since. I went from thinking I had either an incurable problem or a very expensive problem to fix to a solution for less than $60. Thanks ODORHOG!

-Chris in Connecticut

We did not have an odor problem, just two ugly pipes due to a mound septic in our front yard. We are putting two OdorHogs on the two pipes and a weathervane on top of one, and a sundial on top of the other. The OdorHogs actually will not only make it look better, but take preventative measures toward any future odor problem. Thanks!

-Renee in Center Barnstead, NH

OdorHog is great!! We have lived in this home for 17 years trying to ignore the intermittant problem of vent stack odor. It is something you never get used to! OdorHog solved the problem immediately! Gone! No tools are needed for installation. I recommend your product to anyone. Thanks for OdorHog!

-Dave in New York

Thank You! Yes I have to say it works. We have not had any smell, so far since it was installed. We put our builder through so much to try to fix this odor. We knew it was coming from the vents but couldn't fix it. Somebody told us to search the internet for a solution. When we did we came across your site. We thought it sounded too simple to work. But we were going to give it a try. We had strong septic smell from the time we moved into our new home last November until now. It has only been installed for two weeks but since then it has worked. We gave this site information to our builder in case he came across this problem he could contact you. Thank You so much.

-Terry in Kentucky

I'm now a "OdorHog" Rancher!

After a building a new home in the mountains I was then plagued with odd obnoxious odors. Elevating the roof vents did not solve the problem, nor did time. A search of internet took me to OdorHog HQ.

I placed OdorHogs on all roof vents and now the problem is solved! A simple process that produced the desired results. I discovered that it's important to do all vents.

Good product and good results.

-Rick in North Fork, CA

That seems to have fixed the problem! Can't smell it anymore! Worked great, thanks!! Would recommend to everyone!

-Nancy in NM

We installed the OdorHog same day it was delivered. Presto, no more sorry smells, especially in fall: cool calm evenings and cooler mornings, it really is gone, still hard to believe but the nose knows.
Thank you!

Newport/Toledo, Oregon

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now our beautiful new log home smells as nice as it looks!

As we drive around our neighborhood in the mountains, we have often wondered why people have those 8' long goofy-looking PVC stacks sticking out of their roofs. It wasn't until we completed our log home and started to landscape outside that we detected the horrible septic odor wafting downward on windy days. We mistakenly had the gas company out thinking there was an LPG leak, called the plumber back to check things out, etc, etc. The local plumbing supply outlet had "no clue" and tried to sell me a Studer valve to install under my sink. While I was standing at the counter trying to explain to this guy that we had no problem with odor from the drains, a plumber who was also a customer said he thought someone made a fixture with activated charcoal that would work. A few short clicks, later, I found you guys on the Internet.

Anyway, thanks so much. I have a file for your product, so when we have to re-order, it will be easy. Also, next time we'll order in black to avoid the paint job...I didn't know you had black ABS until I looked at your literature again.

Anyway, thank you!

-Steve N in North Carolina

We just had a brand new dream house completed and moved in three months ago. Within three weeks we started to get that awful septic smell around our beautiful new deck. I checked everything on the new septic thinking it was malfunctioning. I called the builder and he said it was probably coming from a neighbors septic. Big help!

I surfed the net for answers and came across OdorHogs . I read testimonials of other people with the same problem and they were being told the same things by their builders. I decided to give them a try. OdorHogs are the greatest!!! No more septic smell. They worked immediately. We can finally enjoy our yard and deck with family and friends. I e-mailed the site link to my builder so he could learn something.

Thank you OdorHog!!!!

-Perry Nickelston in NJ

It was like magic one moment a heavy odor hung in the air and the next moment it was gone. Very quick and very easy.

-John A. in California

We installed the OdorHog over the weekend and it was totally effective in removing the septic smells we've been experiencing for probably the past year. Thank you.

-Janet in Michigan

Hi there,
We have been remodeling an older home in Scottsdale AZ with a huge backyard. However the backyard came at a cost... the smell of the septic tank wafting through the air.  After having the tank pumped, using additives, extending the vents and estimates of repair costs in excess of $3000 that may or may not work, I had run out of options.  As a last effort I did a web search and your company came up.  I looked at the product and realized that while it was conceptually a fairly simple idea, I know most things that work are.

In desperation for a solution (wedding reception in our backyard planned for October 2003) I purchased 4 OdorHogs.  They arrived in a few days and I installed them the same night.  In the 2 weeks since installation I have not perceived a septic smell anywhere in the front or back of the house.  I have been truly impressed.  Thanks for providing a great solution to smelly problem at a reasonable cost.

-Gary W in Scottsdale AZ

OK. I have waited enough days and through enough different weather patterns to claim victory. They work! Thanks for fixing a 3-yr old problem.

-Damon in CA

Yes, the OdorHog works great, I can now enjoy my deck odor free.  Thank you.

-Dan from Vermont

The OdorHog is great. No more odors! I'm very impressed and satified. Thanks so much.

-M. A. Saviski

Like any of you searching the Internet and who hit this page, you likely have the same problem that I did.  We built our dream home out in the country and we had a terrible smell that would come down occasionally from the vent pipes (depending on which way the wind blew.)  The builder and our Health Department said there was nothing we could do besides trying to raise the stacks, sometimes this 'just happened'.  Septic was inspected and working fine.  We got the 3" OdorHogs and haven't smelled anything since.  It is a simple solution for a smelly problem.  I definitely recommend them.  I even had my builder out for a visit and showed him the solution should he encounter it again.

-Bill from Ohio

Subject: Re: Did OdorHog filter solve the problem?

Yes it did, I was somewhat skeptical but desperate. Every evening when the cooling thermals brought air down from the roof we were greeted with the stench. Not a pleasant thing while relaxing in the hot tub! Since I put your OdorHog on I haven't noticed any more stench in the evening or night. I didn't know how to fix that problem before, thanks.

Very good, simple but effective.

-Scott in Pennsylvania

Subject: MIRACLE!!!!!!!

Here is my testimonial --

HOW CAN I THANK YOU, for the MIRACLE of my OdorHog??!!!  My husband and I built a beautiful brand new home, complete with a HORRIBLE septic odor wafting down onto our lovely patio from a roof vent.  We figured this out all by our selves, sans builder and plumber.  It was NOT manure in our soil... NOT a dead animal in the woods.  A desperate internet search matched me to your OdorHog, and suddenly, I had HOPE!  The day before our plumber was to move our vent pipe higher, our OdorHog was delivered, installed in 5 minutes, and...
IT WAS AN INSTANT MIRACLE!!!  NO SMELL WHATSOEVER!!  GONE!!  Just in time for house guests from California.  HOW CAN I THANK YOU??  The OdorHog is TRULY a miraculous miracle.  I was skeptical, as the stench was SO bad prior!  Now, I can run all the water I want, and nothing but fresh air outside my home.  Thank you so very much for solving this horrible and unexpected problem for us.

-Susan Cabral, Gloucester, MA
(Skeptics are welcome to call !!)

Yes, they worked.  It's wonderful to spend time on the top deck without any odor.  I am very pleased.  I also plan to tell the plumber that they worked.  He was a little skeptical!!  Thanks a mil,

-Terri in New Mexico

Yes, it works great.  I'm really pleased that the really bad smell wafting about my front doorstep is gone.  I may order a few more to keep in reserve... they really do work great.

-Andrea in Washington

The OdorHogs work just great.  We are odor free.  Thank you very much.

-Clifford in Colorado

What a coincidence!  I had just installed the filters Monday evening and you wrote that same evening.  When I received your email the next morning when I arrived at work I had already had one morning with no odor.  I wanted to be sure though that they were really working before I wrote in.  Being an engineer I needed more data points than one morning!  They have worked for three mornings in a row now and I am confident that they solved my problems.  It's funny that when I found no sewer leaks and finally figured out that it was simply the vent system doing what it is supposed to do I thought to myself "I wonder if any one makes some type of carbon filter for vent pipes?"  Thanks for asking for the feedback.

-John Tillotson in California

Just wanted to say thank for the OdorHog.  It worked imediately.  I haven't had a problem since I installed them sometime in late May. Thanks again.

-Jay in Wisconsin

I emailed you in May after only 2 weeks.  I praised your product then, and after 2 months I still praise it!  It's still working perfectly.  Now, we can have guests on the deck without worrying about that horrible, offensive odor.  Why aren't plumbers and builders using this product?  Our builder and plumber thought we were crazy, and said we were wasting our money.  We are soooo glad that we didn't listen to them, or we would still be trying to find a solution.  Again, thanks!

-Leon from Kentucky

When UPS delivered my order, I went straight to the roof to install the OdorHog.  For months I've been putting up with a terrible sewer smell around the house - by the time I got down off the roof the smell was gone. It's been 2 weeks since then and now smell nothing but fresh cut grass and flowers outside my home.

-Stephen St Mary, Massachusetts

I must say that from the moment I installed the three pipes, I have had no odor.  Thanks for making my new house all that it was meant to be.

-Aloha, Gus Rouse

And they said it wouldn't work!  Plumbers suggested many things, including digging up the septic tank, but the odor still continued.  I got on line to see what was out there to help us, and that is where I got the "OdorHog" idea.  It was worth a try. Plumbers said that we were wasting our money, but we were desperate, and they hadn't been too helpful themselves thus far.  Granted, we have only had the OdorHog installed for 2 weeks, but it has been two weeks of an odor free environment.  Thank you!

-Leon from Kentucky

The OdorHog filters work great. We have installed about ten of them and they have done the job.  Thank You.

-Dave Crowder, California

Let Me Tell You - We have never had a septic system before.  When we first bought our home in Maine, we thought that there was a septic problem, then a plumbing problem.  Our first season, sharing and enjoying our vacation home with friends and family was almost embarrassing.  My good friend is a plumber and he said go on-line and look for solutions. Well, we found you and we are so happy - WHAT A DIFFERENCE !!!  Now we can enjoy our entire yard and we Thank You !  It works great !!

-The Yarckin's of Maine

Odor stopped as soon as installed.  I put up with that foul odor for 14 years and could not solve the problem.  I am on city sewer on a hill and I think I was catching the whole town.  That is not good for a restaurant business.  I want to thank you, and I wish I would have found you guys sooner.

-Martin Ries, Ohio

They work great, now I can work around the yard without an offensive odor.  I had asked the local septic tank people about your product and they thought I was crazy, they never heard of such a product.  They wanted to tear up the drain field. Thanks for a great product.

-Ron Saros, Kentucky

We installed our OdorHog filters a few weeks ago.  I can honestly say that from the moment we installed them, the problem was gone.  I have, and will continue to recommend your product.  Thank you for such a simple solution to a very disturbing problem.

-Bob and Karen Crete, Michigan