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Installation & Troubleshooting


BEFORE installing your Odorhog.

Right out of the box, tap the unit firmly, up and down on a solid surface. This will fully seat the carbon bag inside the cavity. OdorHogs are shipped horizontally (fully assembled for your convenience) and during transit, the mesh carbon bag occasionally shifts inside the body of the filter, which would allow odors to escape, sneaking up the inside of the body of the filter.

Installing a Mushroom Cap or Metal Cap.

  • Plastic slip on cuffs require no glue or tools. Snug it on and give it a twist.
  • Clamp-on units require a 5/16” nut driver or a flat head screwdriver, either will work. Slide the rubber coupling over your vent pipe. For more tips, please see below in our troubleshooting section.

Installing an In-line Filter

Measure the length of your filter.  Take that measurement and subtract two inches.  This will be the length of pipe to remove from your vent pipe.  Either end can be facing up or down.  Do not remove the belt clamps closest to the center, as they hold a screen in place that secures the carbon filter.  Mark the vent pipe with a marker.  Use a hack saw or similar saw to remove the section of pipe.  Loosen the belt clamps closest to the ends and slip one end of the in-line filter over the vent pipe.  Slip the other end of the filter over the other section of pipe.  This will give you one inch of pipe on both ends in which to tighten the belt clamps.  Tighten both ends of the filter snugly. Rubber couplings are flexible when warm.


Still smelling odor after the installation and it’s coming from the vent pipe?

  1. If you’ve already tapped the unit firmly (up and down motion) and smell odor from the vent pipe and the OdorHog after installation, remove the cap on the filter and pull the carbon bag out by the handle. Snip the top off the carbon bag. Pour the carbon directly into the filter, then replace the cap. This should resolve the issue.
  2. If you are experiencing odor inside the building after installation, the restriction from the densely packed carbon should be lessened. Remove the cap on the filter and snip the top off the bag. Pour ½ of the carbon directly into the body of the filter (reserve the other half for later use), then replace the cap. This should resolve the issue. If it does not, email for assistance.

Is your toilet gurgling or is there water movement in the toilet bowl after the installation?

  1. It's possible that your vent system is experiencing more restriction than your home allows. Our customers want the filters to last for years so we densely pack as much carbon into the filters as possible. This can require an adjustment to the filters on vent systems to increase the air flow and reduce the restriction on your vent system. It is more noticeable on homes with smaller vents (1.5" or 2" vents) or a home with a single vent.
  2. To lessen restriction from the carbon filter, remove the cap on the filter and snip the top off the bag. Pour ½ of the carbon directly into the body of the filter (reserve the other half for later use), then replace the cap. This should resolve the issue. If it does not, email for assistance.

Tips for Rubber Couplings

  • When you are ready to install your OdorHogs on the vent pipes, warm up the rubber by setting them in the sun for a few minutes prior to installation. This will make them more flexible to work with.
  • If you have a pipe that has a slightly larger measurement than your OdorHog, it's best to remove the bottom stainless steel clamp completely and put it over the vent pipe. You will be able to snug the rubber lip over the vent pipe, then secure it with the stainless steel clamp.
  • A screwdriver will loosen and tighten the clamps, however a 5/16" nut driver makes the install process even smoother.
  • If you have any questions about installation, please email us at and we quickly answer your questions, or set up a call with a technician.

Replacing Carbon

Accessing the carbon bags

OdorHog carbon bags can be replaced while the filter remains on the vent stack.

  • Mushroom caps have 3 screws – unscrew them ½ way out and then lift the top off.
  • Metal caps should be gently shimmied back and forth to lift off.  No tools are required.
  • In-Line Units: Loosen the upper belt clamps with a 5/16” nut driver and slide the rubber coupling up onto the vent pipe.

Replacing the carbon bag

The used carbon bag can be pulled out by the zip tie handle and disposed of. Be sure to wear disposable gloves.

  • Hold the new carbon bag upside-down, (the zip tie handle is temporarily at the bottom of the bag).
  • Pinch the bag together at the top, allowing the carbon to shift to toward the zip tie. This will cause the bag to become narrow on one end.
  • Flip the bag upright and insert the narrow end into the OdorHog. It may take some slight massaging and shifting of the carbon inside the bag, to fully fill the cavity. The zip tie should now be on the top, so it can be pulled out when you change out the carbon bag next time.
  • Make sure the bag is fully seated in the cavity so gases must pass through the carbon instead of sneaking up the side of the body of the filter.

Reinstalling the filter cap

  • Mushroom Cap: Screw the mushroom cap back on. Additional holes in the body will not cause any issues with performance.
  • Metal Cap: Push the metal cap back on using a towel or flat handed so it does not bend the metal cap. A gentle side to side motion will secure the cap back in place.
  • In-Line Units: After the new bag is installed, tighten down the new bag’s zip tie, or place a new zip tie further down on the unit to force the charcoal to become fully seated inside the cavity. Slide the rubber coupling down the pipe, onto the filter and secure the stainless steel bands with a 5/16” nut driver.

If you smell odor coming from the vent pipe and filter after the carbon change, remove the OdorHog and tap it firmly several times (using and up and down motion) to fully seat the carbon in the unit. Then reinstall onto the vent pipe.