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Reasons to buy an OdorHog Vent Pipe Filter

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High Quality Carbon 

The high-quality carbon we use in our units results in longer lasting filtering which means fewer trips to the roof. For OdorHog’s installed in colder climates we have an anti-freeze additive that will insure trouble free use throughout the winter.

Quick and easy Carbon Replacement

When it comes time to change out the filter it is a quick and easy process. The OdorHog remains on the vent pipe, simply remove the cap and pull out the breathable mesh carbon bag by the handle and put the new one in. 

Heavy Duty sustainable design

The OdorHog is made with approved plumbing industry specific materials which will stand up to harsh UV rays and the freeze thaw cycle that can crack thinner plastic. The robust construction will allow you to use the body for many years to come. 

Made in the U.S.A.

OdorHog filters are proudly made in our Tucson, AZ manufacturing facility.

90 Day money back guarantee 

The OdorHog vent pipe filters are guaranteed to eliminate odors that originate from your vent pipes. If they do not solve your problem, please return them within 90 days for a refund. We do not refund shipping costs.

Thank you for choosing OdorHog for your Vent Pipe Filter application! 

At OdorHog Vent Pipe Filters, our passion is delivering high quality products, built to last. We pride ourselves on providing clean, freshly filtered air where it matters most; your patio, your yard or even your parking lot.Made in the USA, from our facilities in Tucson, today OdorHog is the dominant supplier of "Carbon Vent Pipe Filter" technology in North America. We attribute our success to our commitment to our customers, delivering the highest quality carbon and longest lasting filters. 

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It's All About The Carbon

OdorHog's high quality carbon will last for years on your vent pipe. It's formulated for the Hydrogen Sulfide Molecule (H2S) so sewer gas odors are completely eliminated when passing through the filter bed.Our carbon is pelletized for superior air flow, low dust/particulate matter, and less mess in handling and changing out replacement bags.On average, our customers [...]

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OdorHog's Superior Design

What sets OdorHog apart is the superior design! The replaceable mesh bag inside the filter body contains high quality, pelletized carbon that's activated for the Hydrogen Sulfide molecule (that stinky odor). Because of this replaceable mesh bag, changing your carbon out has never been easier and can be done while the OdorHog remains on the vent [...]

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Where does my order ship from? How long will it take to get my order?

Orders ship from Tucson, Arizona. OdorHog Inc uses UPS and USPS Priority shipping services. A UPS Service Level Map below shows how many days the order will take via UPS Ground. UPS 2nd Day and UPS 3 Day Select are based on BUSINESS days only. We do not offer Next Day Air Service. All shipping options will show [...]

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For what situations is the OdorHog filter intended?

For situations where the septic gas odor (hydrogen sulfide or "sewer gas") is coming out of the plumbing vent pipes on the roof. Filters can also install onto vents that are directly connected to the septic tank.Municipal / City-sewer connections can bring sewer gas into the home's plumbing vents. The OdorHog filter has proven beneficial in [...]

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​ In what situations is the OdorHog filter not recommended?

The OdorHog will NOT solve your odor problem and is NOT recommended if: The odor is originating from inside the house (if you smell an odor indoors)The odor is originating from any leaks in the septic tank or plumbing vent systemRV or a Food TruckHistoric Home or older home with a noticeably slow plumbing systemAlternative Septic [...]

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Freeze preventer - for cold climates

OdorHog Vent Pipe Filters now contain an ingredient that deters freezing  The additive is similar to salting your walk or driveway after a freeze or snow. It coats the carbon and keeps it from sticking together. This freeze preventer is now included in ALL OdorHog Vent Pipe Filters sold. If you live in a climate [...]

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A Testimonial from The Poltrock Team REMax in Murphy, NC

Odor Hog Stops Septic Gas Smell From Around My Home Posted by I Love Murphy on May 5, 2018 My wife, Jessica, and I recently completed building a new home. It’s not the first we’ve built, but the first for us personally. Septic systems reign supreme in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Truth be told, [...]

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Chalk me up as a extremely pleased customer

Hello.. I wanted to let you know how thankful our family is that your product worked as advertised. Moving into a pre-existing home, I was immediately convinced that the unbearable sewage smells were going to be a new way of life. After calling plumbers who simply shook their heads, I started researching the [...]

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